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Poem Brut #60 – Static Gifs for Broken Musicians published 31/03/2019

The pieces are dedicated, individually, to experimental musicians I admire working in jazz, musique concrete, noise, and avant punk. I was interested, in some ways, in the relationship between abstraction in music and abstraction in painting, and developing the latter in a manner that would draw closer to musicality, explicitly in its relationship to time, using the grammar of comics grid to encourage the reader to animate the transitions from panel to panel (in comics, “closure”). The 4-panel brevity of each piece feels related to the truncated form of an animated GIF (if we’re relying on ‘animation’ as the verb for mediated visual works operating in time), and introduced the mashing together of visual and verbal signifiers, and the HTML engine that produces animated. All the language is drawn from song titles used by the musicians referenced.

In the 60th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Nick Francis Potter.

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Poem Brut #59 – Forever Now published 30/03/2019

‘Forever Now’, named after the residency I was involved in at the time of making. Very nearly thrown out with the rubbish by one of the curatorial team (an apt illustration of my residency experience), the poem comments as much on my time as a young writer among more established visual and performance artists as the discussions throughout the residency, which focused on space exploration, cultural value, humanity and reconfiguring the contents of NASA’s 1977 Golden Record for the 21st century.

At the time I made the poem, I was staying at home in Adelaide, Australia–all the while pining to get back to India and my then partner. It’s a subjective view, but I can in retrospect discern this strand too.

In the 59th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Kathryn Hummel.

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Poem Brut #58 – A house a silhouette a coco nut published 10/03/2019

Found handwriting on a 1920s ‘Handwork for the classes’
a found book from a free bookshop in Newport
including handwriting of my own of poetry lost and found
under a bed and in various other hidden places.

In the 58th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Suze de Lee.

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Poem Brut #57 – Coach House / Belong published 08/03/2019

coach house / belong takes cue’s from Bruno Neiva’s averbalsdraftsone&otherstories, to form a series of collage artworks using found text/materials, acrylic paint, glue, selotape & the immediacy of one-take, no editing; made in several hours whilst digesting a diagnosis of BPD in 2016.

In the 57th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Paul Hawkins.

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Poem Brut #56 – Archive of Disquiet published 03/03/2019

In Greek mythology, Moros /ˈmɔːrɒs/ or Morus /ˈmɔːrəs/
(Greek: Μόρος, “doom, fate”)
is the being of impending doom,
who drives mortals to their deadly …

In the 56th edition of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Theodoros Chiotis.

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Poem Brut #55 – dogtags published

From The Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual (1942):

“In time of war or other emergency, or when directed by competent authority, individual identification tags shall be prepared and worn by all persons in the naval service.”

In the 55th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by John Mancini.

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Sissy (extract) published 24/02/2019

The muse informs me she is well aware
Of all the current modern nonsense riding
The media’s congested thoroughfare.
She says she has no interest in providing
Sensation for the sake of the sensational.
And that her “freakish” tale is “progestational…”

“A poet mustn’t overlook this donnée
That you’ve been graciously bestowed by fate.
A vintner offers you a rich Chardonnay
Or Baune, perhaps a Volnay’98,
And you reject it? No, you sniff and swill it,
Then drink! Your one concern is not to spill it.”

An extract from Ben Borek‘s Sissy, our first Republic of Consciousness Book of the Month.

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Poem Brut #54 – Father published 02/02/2019

The central aim is to examine whether ideas can be communicated – in the pure form they exist before being anchored by words, which inevitably corrupt the idea in trying to define it with an imperfect mode of communication.

In the 54th edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Dovydas Laurinaitis.

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Poem Brut #53 – Collages About Moss published 22/12/2018

I left my notes on their sources in there, as I thought that might be a more interesting way of noting where they’re from than typing it up, and more fitting with the series. The process was to cut up newspaper articles about Donald Trump’s American presidency and reform them into moss-like shapes—a smallness, instead of a blustering bigness.

In the 53rd of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Dennis Sweeney.

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Poem Brut #52 – Unshutting the Mail published 09/12/2018

Inside are the poetic
effluvia of the ideal
repository of which turned
out to be the backs
of crumpled receipts.

To what may be your annoyance
– and for this I apologise in advance
– I have not merged the scans.

The line at the very top of ‘The Perfume Sample’ is meant to be its last.

In the 52nd edition of The Poem Brut series, new poetry by Puck Khalaf.

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