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Maintenant Camarade

On October 15th 2011, 3:AM Magazine‘s Maintenant series hosted its largest event so far at the Rich Mix centre near Brick Lane in London. Poets from Russia, Macedonia and Latvia joined nine pairs of British poets in a memorable evening of performance and poetry. The British poets were paired as part of the first Maintenant Camarade project, with their efforts published in a chapbook by the Red Ceilings press. The videos below are shown in the order of the readings given on the evening, an event which showed the depth of talent, inventiveness and wit in contemporary European poetry.

Ilya Kaminsky

Anna Auzina

Karlis Verdins

Igor Isakovski

Lidija Dimkovska

Holly Pester & Patrick Coyle

James Wilkes & Ghazal Mosadeq

James Byrne & Sandeep Parmar

Sam Riviere & Jack Underwood

Jeff Hilson & Sean Bonney

Tim Atkins & Marcus Slease

Emily Critchley & Tamarin Norwood

Chris McCabe & Tom Jenks

Simon Barraclough & Tom Chivers


Edited by SJ Fowler the Maintenant project is a weekly interview series with contemporary European poets, with a leaning toward new voices and innovation in poetics.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, October 16th, 2011.