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Selected Spam Haikus

By Michael Naghten Shanks.

Selected Spam Haikus

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to theirs you must document
the fix / galore sites

discharge transport on
orders complete position.
Ask your neighbours, friends

and house, it provides
statesmen of the period
with material

locations / you run
mortal strait-laced skillfulness
its eternal rest

consequence fix the
online pragmatic idea
{{{private entropy}}}

they can’t arrive at
transmitting lists / everything
requisite of you.

group perfection of
thinking depository
in subdivision

artefact, create
from raw. “You should get in the
breed market.” Choosing

accessories, all
that make out sufficiency
and get fun with it.

thick fabrics are on
the cyberspace / in this bind
you ordain big trees.

YES! Big trees can be
rattling / good to writers
old in your mailbox.

Oh exploitation
keywords in their cognition
to get a line quick

determine any
trouble areas that we
look Of currency

on your good health in
remainder : “Secrets Of How
To Use cyberspace”

internet commercialism
is truly lesser

clock perception in
to the mix! Deliver a
rival, shuffling,

easier for your
extortion. Direct websites
that move the ware can

appear little or
larger than your top lip When
you accommodate

the petroleum
jelly faculty Ask your
friends or kinsperson

phallus people / who
are your readers? Inkiness
backgrounds edit your

family tree for
levels of bitterness and
following the tips

lie with a entry
guidance organization.
Or get a cipher.

“TALK” of their holding,
transferring those funds to get
protective cover

up sharp. Utilize
exploring the virtual
purchasing world. Read…

The advertisement
genuine proposal live

contact sport is a
dandy structure to slip-butt
balls of today, Nike™

nutrients, vitamins and
halogen. Studies

prove indication
this blind wish for a lasting
reading [later on]

exchange all of the
position you are primed you
consume prospective

should aim to change shape

in many markets
you function personally
This is essential

observe nonetheless
that location are problems.
Wet is an epoch.

making hold voucher
codification for the
repose of their lives.

Victimization =
a hardware in comparing
your awful pretence

when you captivate
the dactyl at the fathom
of phenomenon

Client has crossbred
your intelligence??? Chalkboard
makes it lenient

else / be steady to impart
info uncomplete

ACTION! Location :
class criticism’

taped on your ACTION!
6 months or period of
time in transferring

highly regarded
mania / its beauty and
your boat can CC

(perception fits) You
staleness focus of offline
voice organism

pull wealth out of your
deep brown beans when they invite
a oscillation.

If you can feature
abominable showmen
+added Facebook fans

tender or early
posts, you should celebrate and
everyone takes E

diminished client
terrorist group. If you seek
to be full to burst

feeling for super
sinewy and in dispute
/ depicted object.

Michael Naghten Shanks lives in Dublin. His writing is featured or forthcoming in publications such as The Penny Dreadful, Poems in Which, Colony, The Honest Ulsterman, Gorse, New Irish Writing, The Quietus, as well as the anthologies 30 under 30 (Doire Press) and New Planet Cabaret (New Island). A reader at numerous events around Ireland, and also at the London Irish Centre, he has been listed for awards including the Fish Short Story Prize, the Over The Edge New Writer of the Year, and a Pushcart Prize. He is editor of The Bohemyth.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, October 19th, 2014.