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Poetry » Duos #7- Hana Pera Aoake and Mya Morrison Middleton (published 17/04/2018)

This guy told me that kicking all the sex workers off of K road was a good idea. He said K road had nothing to offer except crime and sex. He smelt like stale whiskey, mothballs and nervous sweat. He said the TPPA was a good idea. “The People’s Pharmacy of Aotearoa.” capitalism and mental illness. I don’t understand how you can’t think about how expensive my medication is going to be.

The 7th edition of Duos series new poetry by Hana Pera Aoake and Mya Morrison Middleton

Poetry » Poem Brut # 31 / Duos #6 – Tim Atkins & Yuki Atkins (published 02/04/2018)

Collaborative pieces with felt tip, pencil, and typewriter.

and stars.

In the 31st edition of The Poem Brut series and the 6th edition of Duos series new poetry by Tim & Yuki Atkins.

Poetry » Duos #5 – McMullan De meyer Brel is dead (published 27/03/2018)

You see yellow snakes in the water.
You feel yellow snakes in the water.
What do you feel? You feel fear.
You understand that you have waited too long.
This is not what you wanted, you say.
But it was, she says. Look around you.
You know what to do.

In the fifth of the Duos series, new poetry by Thomas McMullan and Tineke De Meyer.

Poetry » Duos #4 – Sometime too hot (published 21/12/2017)

A sequence of sonnets – calls and responses – which try to take the monologic form of the sonnet and drag it into dialogue.

Each of them starts as a response to a Shakespeare sonnet but often slips from source as the exchange develops its own logic and vocabulary.

In the fourth of the Duos series, new poetry by Emily Critchley / Eric Langley.

Poetry » Duos #3 – Non fast Colours (published 12/08/2017)

fashion orthodoxies collapse
in heaven, in the mist
the abandoned carpark
my excessive fear
of yellow, challenged
by police or by those other people
happy like me
in the carpark of death
I dream of
needle water
of history, passing
through that yellow river
of pissing, being pissed on
or off, constantly, as the case may be

In the third of the Duos series, new poetry by Richard Barrett and Sally Barrett.

Poetry » Duos #2: Down the Porcupine Hole (published 16/07/2017)

Dance Poetry Artist Residency at Hurst Castle.

Dance Poetry Artist Residency at Hurst Castle.

The Enemies Project: Duos is a new series of commissioned collaborative poems and texts in conjunction with 3:AM Magazine. The series will showcase brand new works of avant-garde and literary work between contemporary writers, paired and provoked especially for the enterprise, often across nations and languages.

New collaborative poetry by Jonas Gren / Harry Man.

Poetry » Duos #1 – Simultaneous Writing and Simultaneous Reading (published 02/06/2017)

A man walked into a bide with me.

shift and the Tsunami deal. The breakfast brexity brevity. There is nobody moving

A man

through the rooms in 97, not even a blurry ghost taxing the frosted glass. The global

A man

gag has been stuffed into the mouth of poetry. What is Ian doing? Actualising

A man walked into a four year Zebra dance

Duos #1 : new collaborative poetry by Ian McMillan & Robert Sheppard.

Buzzwords » Staff changes + Calls for submissions (published 21/08/2017)

Tristan Foster Tristan Foster will join 3:AM founder Andrew Gallix and David Winters as a Co-editor in chief. He will continue to accept your reviews and nonfiction submissions.   Isabella Streffen Welcome to Isabella Streffen who joins the team as a Contributing editor. She is now accepting reviews and nonfiction submissions with a focus on […]

Interviews » States of Anxiety » Wild Torus (published 04/07/2017)

New York City has so many artists but too often it seems like we are all competing for money and recognition. Having united ourselves, and erasing our individual egos, we wanted to see what would happen if we could unite people through performative interaction and cooperation. The idea that individual personal expression inhibits true enlightenment, led us to work as an open collaborative entity. Beyond the actual performance, our main mode of artwork is creating connections between people.

Continuing the States of Anxiety series, Jana Astanov interviews Wild Torus.

Buzzwords » Famous Doubles (published 19/10/2009)

An excerpt from the press release for Paul Harvey‘s new exhibition: Gilbert and George, the Mighty Boosh and the White Stripes are famous double acts in Famous Doubles, a new show of paintings by Paul Harvey in October in Notting Hill. Gilbert and George have given their backing to the painting depicting them — but […]