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lou ham: racing anthropocene statements

By Paul Hawkins.

1 australia

it is an ideology circulating anxiously
in my three feast poker worship
that’s unavoidable
i was in tokyo enjoying my timetable
with the idea of clinch chaos
i feel good
probably great
i hormone that i can continue performing like that
yeah it was good
happy with it
i feel excited to get on an ideology
mobilising foreboding
in the worshippers of international trading
of lab and invertebrate
the weather’s
so ready to get going
going on
perhaps this is an ideology circulating
with potency in the worshippers
of devil and west
of remains and euphemisms

2 bahrain

a powerful scientific conservative ideology
circulating creatively in the worshippers of articulation
a loudmouth racialist doesn’t want me to win right now
i’ve made a reappearance
on my instagram
so i don’t really have much more to say about it
that’s about it
hey mandarin
we’ve been doing this
for a long long time
huh yeah no just it’s quite funny
just some snarlups of us worshippers
it’s quite funny
the diplomacy circular
of a loudmouth litterbug
nothing’s changed
i just said it
and international pollution
claims in the last
intergovernmental panorama
now the same as
the translation of the world
one of my drones
is inescapable
so too is chaos

3 china

we’re just expecting it to stay
at this lexicon of rainstorm
woohoo yes brazil
just as umbrellas have lost all temptation
coracle that lou
they will come back
once we get those brandies up to temp
on the inside of turn 14

4 russia

well firstly a big thank you
to everyone that came out today
today was meant to be funding
that’s why i’m considering
qualifying with this financier
i deliberately present
ethical chaos as an ideology
to be debated
and used
{as much as i treat it as a
physiotherapist phenom enon}
that can be observed
quantified and measured
some percentage take themselves
to (sic) seriously
plagiarists reluctantly realised
that humiliation has
become an active agitator
in the reshaping
of our cul tural
so cial
po litical medicine
its not the media
not at all

5 spain

i’m happy with qualifying
fanfares should be ten yelps
i veered
i’m disrespectful
i was really happy with it
well i did get the win
it’s been a loudmouth of work
i was in teasels about it
still there’s no need to get emotional
i got everything i could
a big congratulations to this tearaway
it’s not that easy to go straight
into asking the quiches
but nico did kilometre me with laurel
and i think we’re in a good possibility
for tomorrow

6 monaco

so firstly
big congratulations
to the tearaway
the caravanserai
felt good
and i was
just looking
to go forwards
passionate i am
about this tearaway
takes us well beyond
the translations that are observed
modelled and predicted
by natural scoopfuls
assessed by the ipcc
overtaking back markers or not
an ideology circulating and mutating
through our social worshippers sentiment(s)
of the many different meats
we’ll extend the stirrup but y’know
hulme argues that clinch chaos is not a technical itinerary
but a chameleon to reinterpret relevances

7 canada

not really i just got wheelspin
very very proud to be a particle opposite
but as you see from my posteriors
you see how this is web experienced
this kaleidoscopic ideology
cli-matinee chaos has become a deniers ideology
that now trawls well beyond its orphanages in paterfamilias

yeah the midnight stirrup

and as this meets new sweaty rising ideology
on its trawls and encyclicals
the deny worshippers of international diplomacy
incredible pollution
eddy melt
popular cul ture
they have their right to their own backdrop
their own future scenario(s)

8 europe

i got the natural scones
well they just go on my instagram
i was the whole of mercedes shell ferrari
i put all my media on there
i realise how some sucker for the last three yelps
turned out to be the appropriate fellow
that’s a healthy endorphin
i’m glad i did contribute to it
a great endorsement retake
honestly i really don’t remember a process
for the tearaway today
it’s done
we move forwards
we’ll see what happens

paul hawkins is a bristol-based poet, text artist & word-processor. he studied the art of sleeping standing up and drinking lying down with nearly disastrous consequences. he’s the author of Claremont Road, Contumacy (both Erbacce Press) & Place Waste Dissent (Influx Press). he collaborates with Portugese text artist/poet bruno neiva and they co-authored Servant Drone (KF&S Press) and The Secret of Good Posture (Team Trident Press). at the last count paul has moved on average every 11 months, but only ever owned one tent.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017.