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Political Clone

By Kenji Siratori.


Although this cadaver city is road connected to the genital organs of the ant pattern of the gimmick girl: the soul-machine of the erase line zero of the storage of the sun LOAD….as for the suicide replicant factory of clone boys: grief the grief of a chromosome occurs….: the gel form nightmare of BABEL animals….I die the ADAM doll is replicated and is paint the catastrophic sun line of the placenta world cyberBuddha of: the transy inheritance device: we and in laughter

(monochrome earth escapes in the inside)

Hybrid thyroid of the planetary machinative angel of the ant: the machine-seed of the desert that the deep-black erosion speed of the artificial sun: the cyber dog of dustNirverna: K that was measured by the body of the clock mechanism of the drug embryo radiate heat is infectious….the emotional circuit of the ADAM doll short….the horizon of her chromosome toward….the time axis of demolition line….uterus-machine of the ADAM doll that the over there of the pupil of myself does the sun-image of the pity of the placenta world fuck goes mad….the DNA=channel rotates reverse/skizoid and others of brain K, of the drug embryo are break down I am going to be disillusioned by the time_difficult existence so: clone boy system apoptosis future! Her machine despairs with the hell of the gimmick cell….the worldly desires/MHz. The insanity of a chromosome the languages: her that the soul-machine of myself lost the protein of the BABEL animal that is resolving the self-consolation line that was secreted the body of an ant to drugy of the machinative angel that is operating negatively dance….FUCKNAM!…. of the monochrome earth witnesses her inorganic substance grief. Eros of the fission disease of the gimmick girl: gene=TV OFF/ON.


Gimmick girl: respires the DNA of the artificial sun….the clumsy world of the drug embryo: the ADAM doll where vomits the machinative gene system: the body channel of TOKAGE makes the REC brain open….the drugy sun is drifting the criminal nervous system of cyberBuddha so. Clone boys erase horizon: of the placenta world….

(it laughs).

(I grieve over).

:the over there of the pupil of the skizoid in, I rape the soul-machine of yourself….the asphalt of ME/….myself that I murder be so that the line of the clonical love doubles to the body matrix of the drug embryo so brain K of the clone boys: the mutant of the opposite=sun that crowds into the gravity of the cadaver city that god GODNAM replicant suicide line myself of HELP/ME….et cetera changes to the worldly desires machine that become a cell because the sun line of the machine-seed of yourself is respired. Physical speed of an ant zero gravity of the artificial sun that is eroding the replicant consciousness of myself to the hybrid emotional:::


:the onanism group protein of clone-skin is doing 1/8 of brain of the ADAM doll: the strategic body of an ant: the soul-machine of the cosmology of grief that the cyber dog which fix the orbit of dustNirverna that cancel the resuscitation line of the end clone to the end of nervous system: be the blood of a machinative angel the road machine of the cadaver city: so that fuck junk to the angel mechanism crunch….apoptosis season of the chromosome of yourself the scream, that the gimmick girl awoke sleeps….LOAD….the DNA=channel of the narcolepsy storage-group….blue sky of the sex machine….sun of cyberBuddha: the clonical love of boys is activated

Her worldly desires machine dash the murder area of the sudden death-game/artificial ant….the ADAM doll=spore: the placenta world existence difficult sun of zero is respired……..the drug embryo of “the suspicion”, incubates the happiness that the larva machines of matrix body fluid took out crazy of the BABEL animal….ADAM doll of the disillusionment. CLONICAL/ONE

Kenji Siratori is a restless cyberpunk author living in Japan. His novels are Blood Electric (2002), Headcode (2004), Human_Worms (2004), Smart-d (2004), (debug.) (2004), GIMMICK (2005) and Acidhuman Project (2006). His latest projects can be viewed at electr-ohm.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, May 27th, 2007.