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Prague In The Spring

As Andrew mentioned recently, Travis Jeppesen’s (pictured) new journal BLATT was launched in the Czech capital a few weeks back. Associate Editor Carolyn Mimran reports:

“Friday, 3 February 2006: A balmy night by Prague standards, it was a night for merry-making. BLATT had been born. Fresh as of morning from the printing press’s womb, broad-sheeted and technicolored, this new international publication of letters, literature and contemporary art came out at Cafe Metropole and Anagram Bookshop to greet already teetering well-wishers and party-goers; speeches were made, issues were sold, free food was consumed and BLATT had its very first beer. This beer was of course followed by many others as editor Travis Jeppesen toasted BLATT publisher Miro Peraica and Art Director Mario Dzurila, as well as all other attending staff members for a job well done. And a job well done indeed — BLATT looks great! Still, with only 300 copies in print, and at least half of those flying overseas into the outstretched arms of Editor Joshua Cohen in New York, for Praguers the race will be to the swift. As for BLATT, hangover aside, it will soon have itself yet another party this time in New York City, not since Paris Hilton’s 21st has a birthday been so inter-continentally celebrated, and so much fun.”

BLATT add:

“BLATT BOOKS is now taking pre-orders for POEMS I WROTE WHILE WATCHING TV, a collection of poems and images by Travis Jeppesen and Jeremiah Palecek. You may order through our website, www.books.blatt.cz, or by sending $15 via Paypal to orders@blatt.cz. Books will be shipped in March 2006, and are limited to 500 copies – so reserve yours today. Travis Jeppesen’s debut collection Poems I Wrote While Watching TV is a ruthlessly implosive meditation on the death of language in a media-saturated world. Perfectly complimented by Jeremiah Palecek’s sardonic illustrations, Poems I Wrote While Watching TV ponders the mundane and the un-nameable with a highly personal mixture of devastation and humor.”

First posted: Tuesday, February 14th, 2006.

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