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By Jeff Hilson.

“so this is england this hinge this trap who hurl bells at your upsetters and I as a fish seller”


dear allen ’m scared
off my head and
my heart what they
done with the swale

at the ferry house
events and alarms in
the north sea camp
this is the weather

you who live here
(mr shelley sell crabs)
take up your floor
and run the ditch

ding is wet dong
say this little verderer
I got fine blues
it’s a boy rose

wandrin wandrin rats
of my fierce boy
my fierce boy ravin
ravin on riboflavin


but the leader is
a wir- a wir-
antiknock device
(I seen him once

in candada how
he is a bent off
toy for cracking
it (dear dear &

“we have to
catch them into
a net with
nothing” all this

time he had on
shoe on & hooks
entwine I win
glue I win

glue to his faces
this lonesome pie
& then he wil
al fal down



mike dress as a
love-pup :––––––
woo ––––––––––
woo ––––––––––

doug in a taterb
bag walkin’ ‘n’
eatin’ : ‘m’ eatin
‘n’ walkin see

& they danced
on the friday de
december for th’
buildings of eng

land (smal early
wals of tin (dogs
who settle giant
youths clubs of

kent here is the
sheriff – of – the –
stair (dogs insted
a buried twins


th’act of hand is
ded and dreye th
(hushhush dear
hazel did you

drive by these
a.the calling hare
b.the burglar like
which one is

busy owling
which one must
shrink next & getoff
(‘es plees

‘es plees &burgla
&har they are
open countree &
cary it sweet

acrocs the ditch
early thats into
june (thats nearly
u inna hawthorn


a brief history of
rinker – a block
up oysters
playing oysters

cc smithereens
hello (snap) its
9.26 a.m. from
such a one

(snap) moving
hisself about w/
wood only (weet
weet is again to

cry he is rare-ripe
& shivery for the
slit ringent (such
as that its a turn

& attaches bells
(his exhibition
metals) by fall &
turn bones bones


to grow a dust
dust is the same
lines as da-da
dum da-da dum

(what that is is
not alive its like
home taping in a
our in house I so

love that way
you make it with
a finger only (&
see it is still a

da-da dum da-da
dum with more
fingers hiding
(ahem ahem I

give up counting
1 2 3 (back to the
dust so it falls
around us lovely


‘n’ so to this li’l’
rinker which is
on walls (not like
beforehand when

it was a strip (is
still more a strip
with less moanin
about) so panel

1. scene change
2. lights 3. is all
about numbers
and change but

with no one in it
not even anythin
thrown or no
one against it

motherfucker w/
a shifted end nor
I shant read these
li’l’ poems I said


Jeff Hilson’s publications include a grasses primer (2002, Form Books), stretchers (2006, Reality Street), Bird bird (2009, Landfill) and In The Assarts (2010, Veer Books). He also edited The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (2008, Reality Street) and his discussion of the form (in dialogue with Paul Muldoon and Meg Tyler) can be found in The Cambridge Companion to the Sonnet, eds A.D. Cousins & Peter Howarth (2011, Cambridge University Press). Work has appeared, among other places, in Freaklung, AND, Klatch, yt communications bulletin, Veer Away, and Pilot as well as online in onedit. He teaches Creative Writing at Roehampton University, London and runs the reading series Xing the Line.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, April 22nd, 2012.