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Poetry » Duos #17 – We Tabletop (published 14/04/2020)

A tasty comedy 250 times more powerful than Waluigi pinballs: 4 rare nugs from We Tabletop.

Each visual poem is a collaboration between a poet based in London and an artist based in Berlin.

Our work is influenced by Soupault’s travels and Taut’s gardens.

In the 17th of the Duos series, new poetry by Russell Bennetts and Colin Raff.

Poetry » Duos #16 / Poem Brut #69 – Sky Writing (published 09/07/2019)

“Sky Writing” is a multi-layered project.

We found the images — prints from a disposable camera — at a thrift store. I free-wrote on the images with marker, and Karolina “translated” my asemic writing into English.

I then letterpressed her text on Domtar Feltweave paper and attached the images, which I mounted on black card stock.

In the 16th of the Duos series and 69th of the Poem Brut series, new poetry by Ryan Mihaly and Karolina Zapal.

Poetry » Duos #15 – Semechki (Семечки) (published 29/09/2018)

These three drawing translations are part of a collaborative project called Semechki (Семечки) which I have developed with a Russian poet and filmmaker called Eta Dahlia. They are experimental translations of his minimalist Russian poems into gestural drawings.

These translations are entirely process-led. I made use of my very limited knowledge of Russian, allowing me to experience the poems phonically without the bias of semantic meaning. Translating the poems’ sounds into gestures became the basis of my systemic approach. I listened to each poem repeatedly for an hour, interpreting each sound as a separate movement and line. Throughout this process my repetitive gestural sequences produced an increasingly intricate network of lines, generating a tightly layered shape. My movements evolved with each interpretation, the drawing itself exposing their range.

In the 15th edition of the Duos series, new poetry by Eta Dahlia / Iris Colomb

Poetry » Poem Brut #43 / Duos #14 – Umbiblical (published 11/09/2018)

We wrote it this summer while at Alec Soth’s “River House” art project, in which he invites writers and artists to his isolated, abandoned house in rural Minnesota to spend the day with him working on spontaneous art projects. In this poem, we each write one line. I started the first line, she wrote the next line, I wrote the following line, and so forth. We did not speak to each other while we wrote the poem.

In the 43rd edition of The Poem Brut series and the 14th edition of Duos series new poetry by Sara Estes and Veronica Kavass.

Poetry » Duos #13: The Long Marriage (published 08/08/2018)

Could a bow with no arrow even be taken seriously?

These are questions I sang into at karaoke bars, like a deflated exclamation mark.
Remember, an edge is something sharp and unforgiving.
Just imagine an octopus interviewing a pumpkin—THAT is marriage, that is the long ride!
In the end, the princess is always peeled from her shell.

Now, I am inside the wind-up hour, slowing circles.
I am nearing the cosmic inhole…

In the 13th of the Duos series, new poetry by Jiaoyang Li and Sonja Hristina Bjelic.

Poetry » Duos #12 : The Cat Lover (published 28/06/2018)

The artist sips coffee wondering why Gaynor wants to dance a Cha Cha Cha. She is not good at Cha Cha Cha. Her facial expression is always one of pain and embarrassment. Her hips move out of time with her feet. Gaynor has gone back indoors and picks up all the artist’s gloves. They are all left hand gloves, which is strange as the artist does have a right hand. Don’t we all. And extras up in the loft. Where did that picture go?

In the 12th edition of Duos, new poetry by Tessa Berring and Kathrine Sowerby.

Poetry » Duos #11 – Heptade (published 19/06/2018)

‘Perambulans Tenebris’
seven lines
with seven syllables on each line
“The sum of seven”)

In the 11th of the Duos series, new poetry by Bill Bulloch / Brendan Quinn.

Poetry » Duos #10 – Chanel (published 17/06/2018)

Shall we go and waste £15 together? my guys
are on nimrod with the golden swimming pool. The floor is sprung at the door. the Valium unusual. And we never stop whining.
That neither of us know what an open wound in his groin
leads onto the surface, or that
Soft communion; is: my room. Sister, you are into the eyes of the destroyer

In the 10th of the Duos series, new poetry by Tom Crompton / Natasha LaForce.

Poetry » Duos #9 – one two three four (from Undertones). (published 07/05/2018)

(from Undertones).

The 9th edition of Duos series new poetry by Chris Turnbull and Bruno Neiva

Poetry » Duos #8 – Urban Dictionary (a language) (published 03/05/2018)

the most beautiful man
the cure to the world’s unhappiness, sorrow, guilt, greed
can make you laugh, cry, and just kiss him until your lips hurt
the greatest thing to ever happen to anyone in the world
especially me

A language that others may see as being spoken by people with low intelligence
A language that only really intelligent people know how to speak correctly
A language that, if spoken, will get you more pussy than you can imagine
A language that is mostly made up of consonants and phlegm

skip eating breakfast entirely
just coffee and a cigarette

The 8th edition of Duos series new poetry by Frédéric Forte & Christodoulos Makris