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The Bishopsgate Institute in the City of London is holding a series of ‘London in Fiction’ talks this autumn of obvious interest to 3:AM readers. To celebrate Gerald Kersh‘s Centenary and the new edition of The Angel and the Cuckoo from London Books, Paul Duncan, who has been researching Kersh for over a decade, will talk about Kersh’s extraordinary life and work (27 September), while Cathi Unsworth and Paul Willetts, whose books have sought to portray the seedy allure of mid-20th century Soho, will be discussing Soho writing in general and James Curtis in particular (20 October). Finally, on 13 December Ken Worpole discusses Simon Blumenfeld’s novel Jew Boy and the representation of the Jewish East End with Rachel Lichtenstein. You can buy tickets for all three here.

First posted: Thursday, September 15th, 2011.

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