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The Coincidental Midget

Lisa Crystal Carver‘s controversial memoir, Drugs are Nice, will be published in the UK by Snowbooks on 6 March. Expect an interview with the author, here at 3:AM, courtesy of our newest collaborator Noah Cicero as soon as we’ve sorted out our technical problems:

“I suppose the weirdest thing for me was in this sex club I went to, this guy had his ear up to a wall listening to his girlfriend do it with a midget! It’s called ectoism or echo-ism or something like that. He was explaining it to us. He likes to hear but not see his gal doin’ it. I think the fact that the other guy was a midget was just a coincidence, not part of the plan.”

Check out Lisa’s blog here.

First posted: Monday, February 27th, 2006.

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