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The Missing Links


The politics of flash. * Nick Kent discusses Apathy For the Devil. * Poems of ageing. * Hanif Kureishi reviewed by Hari Kunzru. * A documentary on Warhol’s films. * An interview with Kenneth Anger. * Lee Rourke‘s influences. * Blake Butler in New Dead Families. * The London Word Festival. * Girls just wanna have fun in Brighton. * Are ebooks environmentally friendly? * Lewis Carroll‘s magic. * A very interesting interview with John Lydon. * The Critical Flame. * TINA: an excellent French literary journal. * Jesus in a frying pan. * Zachary German‘s debut reviewed. * Mad Men Barbie dolls. * Switched On Set. * Multimedia overload. * Darran Anderson on Albert Robida. * Writers’ digital remains. * The Stooges are back. * They were the mods. * A review of Die Hard Mod. * The New Faces exhibition. * First Impressions, 30 great opening lines. * William Faulkner on writers and their work. * The Orange Alert podcast. * In praise of little books. * Good piece by Keith Ridgway on Alasdair Gray‘s Lanark. * Photography’s impact on the Surrealists (via) * Blyth Power, or Thomas the punk engine. * A biography of Nusch Eluard. * jmww interview Kevin Sampsell. * ‘Live Like You’re Dying’, Chuck Palahniuk on suicide (via) * Cannibal Chapbooks, “an aesthetic definition cannot define the hunger” (via) * Jewcy interview Justin Taylor. * Jean Baudrillard‘s “Simulacra and Simulations”. * A graphical filmography of Andrei Tarkovsky. * Rare auction of Henry Miller manuscripts with video preview of the Paris Notebooks. * HILOBROW‘s lipographic tribute to Georges Perec. * A selection of Bob Adelman’s photographs of Samuel Beckett in Paris. * Dave Eggers: America’s conscience? * James Franco is planning a screen adaptation of Charles Bukowski‘s Ham on Rye (via) * 1950s Soho in colour. * Jonny Greenwood to score Murakami movie. * The Hypothetical Library. * The Rubella Ballet story. * Zöe Heller on Nancy Mitford. * An interview with Lorin Stein, the new Paris Review editor. * Literary lionesses. * Cripplegate. * Iranian poet banned from travelling. * Lord Dunsby‘s new website. * The future of type according to Ben Greenman. * Molly Flatt on the perfect mother. * On disabilty hate crime. * These New Puritans dissect their new album. * Hollywood lingerie and sleepwear. * Jean-Luc Godard‘s homage to Eric Rohmer. * Sam Lipsyte interviewed in The Quarterly Conversation. * Steve Finbow on writing Balzac of the Badlands.

First posted: Sunday, March 14th, 2010.

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