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The Missing Links

Wonderful piece on Nick Land: “His work still poses acutely — in a variety of forms — the challenge of thinking contemporary life on this planet: A planet piloted from the future by something that comes from outside personal or collective human intention, and which we can no longer pretend has anything to do with reason or progress” (via). * On Nick Land’s two new pamphlets. * An introduction to speculative realism. * The Tel Quel group in 1963 (video). * Brian Dillon on Hannah Höch. * Linder‘s collages. * Maurice Blanchot‘s Desperate Clarity reviewed. * 3:AM and Gorse‘s Susan Tomaselli on the potential of literature in translation. * On Raymond Queneau in translation. * On Lydia Davis‘s Proust. * An interview with Noy Holland. * Richard Skinner on Erik Satie. * Max Richter on recording The Blue Notebooks. * Steve Reich‘s writings on music. * Bad Brains, 1979. * Texts in WG Sebald‘s The Rings of Saturn. * Debbie Juvenile. * Will Self on Germany, and the words of the dead. * Will Self and John Gray discuss JG Ballard‘s work. * J. G. Ballard“I’m never happier than when I can write about draining swimming pools and abandoned hotels”. * A rare recording of Beckett from NotFilm. * Rachel Kushner profiled in the New York Magazine. *  Neurotic Disneyland. * Tim Parks on literature without style and being trapped inside the novel. * James Wood on the fictions of life and death. * Stig Sæterbakken‘s Through the Night reviewed. * Johnny Rotten. * Regular 3:AM contributor Sophie Parkin is relaunching the legendary Colony Room. * The books Stephen Sparks did not read in 2013. * Apollinaire in the dock. * Mick Jones. * A literary dinner with Margaret Thatcher. * Unlocking the Truth interview Richard Hell (and vice-versa). Also see this video. * Jordan. * American Apparel gif (Jessie Andrews). * Odysseus’s journey. * A map of London’s independent bookshops. * On Gerald Murnane‘s Inland. * Christine Schutt speaks to 3:AM‘s David Winters. * Brooklyn 1970s apartment life. * Sam Jordison reviews Concretopia. * A radio interview with Eimear McBride. * My first Kafka. * Max Ernst working in his studio. * Robert Altman in Carver country (documentary). * Pinhole cameras. * Bus window abstract. * Gary Winogrand retrospective. * More from the great Brian Dillon, on the great Saul Leiter this time. * Memoriography. * The only chippie in Paris. * Adrian Tahourdin on Orangina. * Maripol‘s Polaroids. * Julian Barnes on John Williams’s Stoner. * Dennis Cooper interviewed on The Believer‘s website. * A scene in between. * Man Ray‘s The Starfish (1928). * Jacqueline Valencia on Stan Brakhage‘s Mothlight (1963). * Ed Wood‘s Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959). * Indoor clouds. * Masha Tupitsyn on the 1990s in films. * Colin Wilson‘s obituary in The Telegraph. * Tao Lin and Mira Gonzales in Dazed & Confused. * Peter O’Toole and Ronnie Biggs R.I.P. * The late Peter O’Toole’s career in clips. * Navel torture session with Stewart Home. * Arthur Cravan writes to Mina Loy. * The Feelies. * The writerly physique. * Lucian Freud remembered. * The joy of solitude. * Another great picture of Jordan, King’s Road, 1975. * Richard Brautigan reading from his work (video). * How to walk in a city. * David Rose‘s Posthumous Stories reviewed. * Big Brother is watching you e-read. * Collective Twitter fiction curated by Teju Cole. * Walter Isaacson doesn’t want to write his new book. * Darran Anderson on how Modernism is ancient.

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First posted: Saturday, January 11th, 2014.

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