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The World’s Shortest Jim Jefferies Interview

By Graham Rae.


Sometimes drecknology just doesn’t live up to its premise and promise and compromises what you do with it. I scored an interview with the hilarious Jim Jefferies, the only comedian I ever saw to make me cry and laugh at the same time. A very approachable and gracious man, I talked to him for 30 minutes during the World Cup. Then when I went to transcribe the interview, for some reason at the three-point mark the Dictaphone started making a weird high-pitched whining sound and rendered the rest of the interview inaudible! Bloody nightmare!

So in a kind of humorous spirit, I would like to present to you the World’s Shortest Jim Jefferies Interview ™. I talked to him about whether he had any taboos (said he would never do a joke about suicide, because somebody close to him killed themselves – a girlfriend, as I recall reading somewhere on the net); whether or not he trawls the net looking for sick sexual shit to do to himself to make comedy out of (he doesn’t); whether he had ever had sex with a guy (he has)(okay, he really hasn’t, I just made that up); what sort of music he listens to (being trained in musical theater and opera, he likes a bit of Barry Manilow and Elton John mixed in with his hard-rocking faves like AC/DC); starting drinking (in his mid-teens with his pals in the park quaffing cheap cider – guess some things are universal, cos it’s much the same in Scotland, where I come from); partying on the road (he doesn’t do it anywhere near as much as you would think, because doing it 300+ nights a year would kill him); the production values of the old Paul Hogan show (he liked it and reckoned the production values were really high compared to contemporary fare); whether he ever feels resentful that his audience laugh at such self-degrading material as his vibrating egg story (he doesn’t – he says all comedy is horrible and that it must have a victim); whether he uses his art as catharsis because there is a lot of pain in it (he does); whether or not his family like his comedy (his mother regards ‘Jim Jefferies’ as a fictional comedic persona when it really isn’t, and his mental brother hates being talked about); and various other things that you really would have liked had you heard it.

I know, it’s not really the same just telling you his answers in paraphrase, but there’s nothing much I can do about it. So I’m presenting the whole three whole answers I got before the machine fucked up in luxurious full-length verbose 3D form. His new DVD is going to be called Alcoholocaust (a title which has apparently caused him some controversy already, because of course the word ‘holocaust’ is now an exclusive Jewish brand name and clearly never existed before WWII) (and no, he didn’t say that, I just did) (the word ‘holocaust’ was actually invented in 1250). He’s giving part of the proceeds for his Alcoholocaust DVD to a charity for the developmentally disabled (he does a lot of jokes about them, used to work with them, and they’re a cause obviously close to his broken heart). He’s still playing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival through August 30th. After that he’ll be gigging in England on and off until the end of the year; you can’t say he’s nothing if not busy. So I’ll just ruefully say sorry to Jim (maybe some other time, eh?) for the way this turned out, and I’m off to smash up that bloody Dictaphone (which has worked for other interviews) before it can cause any more damage. Still, I suppose it saved me transcription time and typing, so every cloud’s got a silver lining!

3:AM: Okay, let’s get the PR bit out of the way. You seem to be doing well. What have you been doing recently?

JJ: Watching the World Cup! Apart from that, I’m about to do two weeks in Australia and then Montreal, Just For Laughs, then I’m recording a new DVD in three weeks for British Comedy Central. Then I’m doing the Edinburgh Festival. So it’s keeping me pretty busy. I

3:AM: Where are you recording the new DVD?

JJ: I’m recording it in London at the Lyric Theatre on the 26th of July.

3:AM: Cool. How did the I Swear to God DVD sell? Did it sell well?

JJ: It sold reasonably well, yeah. It sold a little bit better than we thought it would but it didn’t sell gangbusters or anything like that.

The horribly premature end.


Graham is currently jobless, homeless, money-free, and quite happy.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, August 23rd, 2010.