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These Boys

By Sean Kilpatrick.

These boys were rubber-smooth and white. The flowers in their hands gleamed like boiling teeth. They handled our drugs and our daughters too. These boys were polite and well-armed. We could have used their smiles to put the cat to sleep. When they filled our daughters, no pillows were cried into, and they beamed from matrimonial scripts, became so hot we had to walk them through the Sunday Car Wash. We had to load the truck with guns and call our brothers. All this felt incestuous, but so did waking up.

I broke my daughter’s teeth out of her skull with pistol fire because the strands one boy hid inside her clasped around her voice. The boy stood on my lawn for a week, wearing headphones and appearing vulgar without expression. He was sinking into himself, skeletal, swimming in the paste his body gave. He laid the foam sprockets of his music on my lawn, an anthem making the bugs work harder. Not to assist, in any way, the health or well-being of my property. Garbage workers carried that boy to heaven. A forever’s worth of flies had beaten him there. Boys are always mass produced in cities, as we say, clutching after the silver boom known as Between My Legs.

We formed a line around the nursery with free guns. We shipped baskets of what’s-left-of-her labeled Our Daughters. These boys weren’t old enough to polish what we sent them.

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Sean Kilpatrick
is published in No Colony, Fence, Juked, Action Yes, zafusy, Forklift Ohio, Venereal Kittens, La Petite Zine, Wigleaf, LUNGFULL!, Arsenic Lobster, Stirring, Wicked Alice, LIT, Forklift Ohio, Pindeldyboz, elimae, MiPoesias, Pinch Pinch Press, 5_Trope, Mustachioed, Sawbuck, Sir, Skidrow Penthouse, listenlight, Red China, FutureCycle, Epicenter, Southern Gothic, Triptych Haiku, wire sandwich, Unlikely Stories, Thieves Jargon, Cherry Bleeds, 2ndHand, Melancholia’s Tremulous Dreadlocks, and Exquisite Corpse, also e-books with Magic Helicopter Press and BlazeVOX[Books], and a book of short fiction forthcoming from Six Gallery Press. Visit here.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, July 12th, 2009.