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This Person Is Already Your Friend

Diego blamed Miranda for getting his medical license suspended, so he married Miranda’s mother and tried to humiliate Miranda by replacing Miranda’s father’s portrait with one of himself.

After Miranda’s mother died, Diego decided to become friendly with Miranda’s husband and learned he had a brain tumor he was keeping a secret from Miranda. Diego lied to him and said that the brain tumor was causing blackouts during which he became violent, finally convincing the husband to leave Miranda for her own good.

Then Diego framed Miranda for embezzlement and seduced Miranda’s teenage son.

A few years later, Miranda learned about the existence of Diego’s half-brother Kevin and married him. For a while Diego pretended to be friendly with the couple, but he had a plan. He lured Kevin to a ski spa in Vermont by phoning him and telling him that Miranda had broken her leg and needed him. Kevin arrived only to find his wife and another woman together in bed. That ended Miranda’s second marriage.

Miranda and the woman moved in together, infuriating Diego. He decided to seduce the young man who worked as Miranda’s assistant. But Diego fell in love with him, and they were very happy for a while.

However, when the young man died in a plane crash, Diego blamed Miranda for sending him on the fatal business trip in her place. So he persuaded a young college student to file sexual harassment charges against Miranda’s partner, a professor of women’s studies.

In retaliation, Miranda stuffed Diego into a trunk and moved him to a secret coal cellar, holding him captive for weeks. After she finally released him, Diego did something out of character. He said they were even and vowed to make amends with Miranda.

Unfortunately, on his way to Miranda’s office to donate money to her pet charity, a foundation to help agoraphobic children, Diego accidentally ran down Miranda’s pregnant daughter-in-law and caused her to lose her baby and almost her life.

Although it took many months for Miranda to forgive Diego for killing her grandson, eventually they buried the hatchet. When Diego confided to her that he was dying of prostate cancer, Miranda arranged for him to go to Latvia for experimental treatments.

Richard Grayson is the author of several books of fiction, including With Hitler in New York (1979), Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog (1982), I Survived Caracas Traffic (1996), The Silicon Valley Diet (2000) and And to Think That He Kissed Him on Lorimer Street (2006). His articles have appeared in People, The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The San Jose Mercury News, The Arizona Republic and The Hollywood Sun-Tattler. He is a retired lawyer and teacher who lives in Brooklyn, Fort Lauderdale and Phoenix.


First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, February 8th, 2007.