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We are Creep

By Nicolle Elizabeth.

Creep is an electronic group based in Brooklyn, New York, whose first single ‘Days’ has recently been signed to Young Turks Records. Lauren Flax has been a DJ for a decade, here is an interview I did with her over at the Brooklyn Rail in 2009 in which she talks about her single ‘You’ve Changed’, featuring Australia’s Sia. Her musical partner Lauren Dillard, (known to some as Lauren Chillhard) was a bit of a scene queen back in the day in the city we both grew up in. The Laurens sat down via email to do this interview for 3:AM, and in doing so, we discovered some 3:AM connections. Small world. (Note the Ellen Frances connection the ladies mention, of (3:AM‘s former poetry editor) Tao Lin‘s camp, for example.) Likeminded people, I think is the answer to the interesting coincidence. As the Laurens mention later, maybe metaphysics, who knows? Here is the Creep’s first single, ‘Days’, so you can hear what we’re talking about while reading.

3:AM: Hello, Creeps. What is Creep?

Lauren Flax: Creep = Lauren Dillard + Lauren Flax. We like to collaborate as well with both vocalists and visual artists. We have upcoming songs with Nina Sky, Holly Miranda, Blonde Redhead, Miike Snow and Planningtorock. For visuals, we’ve teamed up with Ellen Frances, Thalia Mavros and of course Warren Fischer, who did our video for ‘Days’.

3:AM: What made you decide to form the electronic duo known as Creep?

LF: We just did it as a fun side project. We sort of discovered accidentally that we work wonderfully together. When people started to pay attention, that’s sort of when we decided to make it more of a priority.

3:AM: How long have both of you been making music, together and individually?

LF: I’ve been making music for over 10 years. Together, we have been writing for about 1.5 years.

Lauren Dillard: I’ve dabbled in writing music for years, just for the past 1.5 I’ve been very serious about it.

3:AM: Flax, is this your first un-solo project?

LF: Yes it is. It’s taken me a long time to find someone that I have such a musical connection with. We consider ourselves soul mates in that aspect.

3:AM: Would you consider yourselves Witch house, Rape Gaze, or neither? And if neither, then what?

LF: We don’t really buy into any genre. What people label us is up to them. It really comes down to opinions, and we have no control over that. We just make music, that’s it.

3:AM: What kind of gear are you women playing with these days?

LF: We write in Logic. I play guitar and bass as well. We use the Juno 106 on some songs as well as a few other synths.

LD: Live I play an Axiom 25 and Flax is on MPC and her Telecaster from highschool.

3:AM: Have you found any opposition or patronizing stemming from the gender issue? You realize you’re in a generally male dominated industry, right?

LF: Who cares. As long as we write our music and stay true to ourselves, the rest will fall into place. Neither of us let any of that get in our way.


3:AM: What is the best Burial track of all time?

LF: For me its ‘Unite’, hands down.

LD: I’d have to say either ‘UK’ or ‘Shell of Light’.

3:AM: Illuminate us on the differences between putting on a live set and recording. Which is more difficult and why?

LF: They both have equal challenges. Obviously it all starts with the writing process, so that comes first. The challenge is writing a good song. As of recently though, it’s finding the time to be able to write. With playing live, our biggest challenge is figuring out how exactly we want to do it. In the beginning, this process will be in front of a lot of people. We’re hoping they will be pretty forgiving. I’ll switch around from playing guitar and MPC. Dillard sticks to her Axiom, plays keys and triggers samples.

3:AM: Was making the video for the first single ‘Days’ amazing or totally the worst thing ever?

LF: It was nothing short of an amazing experience. From the starting process of bouncing ideas to ending up at this giant Victorian mansion on a proper film set. It was mind blowing.

3:AM: How did your deal with Young Turks happen? How do you feel about it?

LF: It just felt natural for us to work with them. We trust them and usually that’s all it comes down to. It’s been great, we feel pretty fortunate.

3:AM: What’s going on for Creep right now and where is Creep going in the

LF: We start touring with the Klaxons March 25 for about a month, then head to Europe for a month. We’re just going to continue writing on
the road so we can release our full-length by the end of the year.

3:AM: Anything I might have missed here. Do you have any spells you can share with us?

LF: Check out the metaphysical section of eBay, it’s mind-blowing.

LD: Pizza models in new sneakers.


Nicolle Elizabeth, here.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, March 25th, 2011.