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what we’d like to see reviewed at 3:AM


Below is a list of publishers whose books we are always keen to see reviewed here at 3:AM. The links will take you to each publisher’s recent and/or forthcoming titles pages. If you’re interested in writing on a title, check with Tristan Foster to make sure it’s not yet being covered for us. 

We are certainly open to reviews and critical pieces from any and all publishers—so the list below is by no means complete nor is it exhaustive in any way, and it will be added to as needed. If a title has recently been released, reissued, newly translated, will soon be published, or if any other strong case can be made for writing a piece about it and bringing attention to the text and its author, please do feel free to pitch it our way.

Some Indicative Publishers:

And Other Stories
Archipelago Books
Cahiers Series
Contra Mundum
Cow Eye Press
Dalkey Archive Press
Deep Vellum
Dorothy, a publishing project
Fitzcarraldo Editions
Granta Books
Giramondo Publishing
Influx Press
Melville House
New Directions
New York Review of Books
Nightboat Books
Open Letter
Other Press
Peirene Press
Two Dollar Radio
Two Lines Press
Verso Books
Wave Books
Wakefield Press

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, February 24th, 2015.