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Win copies of Wu Ming’s Altai and Manituana!

3:AM and Verso Books are giving away 5 copies of both of Wu Ming‘s historical epics.

Wu Ming are a collective of Italian writers who have redefined the notions of collaboration and identity in modern literature. Following their bestselling novel Q, the group crafted Manituana — a genre–breaking reimagining of the Revolutionary War. Now comes Altai, a swashbuckling thriller that follows the enigmatic Emanuele De Zante, spy-catcher and secret agent, as he embarks on a trans-European odyssey through the 16th Century.

For your chance to win both these novels, we’ve devised a quick quiz. Every day for 5 days we’ll be releasing a question through our Twitter feed. The questions will focus on Wu Ming’s work and unique writing process. Just send us an e-mail with your answers to all five questions at the end of this week and we’ll notify the 5 lucky winners!

First posted: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014.

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