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      [26.12.06] [3:AM]
    Bedtime Stories
    Monday 15 January 2007, from 8pm
    133 Whitechapel Rd
    London E1 1DT

    "But today, when everyone can write and when the hardest thing is to find someone who is not an author, this practice has become a scourge, a public calamity and a new hardship in human life."

    "In all good conscience, I believe there are very few things that reveal the puerility of human nature and the extreme blindness, indeed stupidity, to which self-love leads a man, as does this business of reciting one's own readings. For we are well aware of the unspeakable annoyance we feel when listening to someone else's work."

    "And yet I'm sure most would sooner choose some grave corporal punishment before a pleasure such as this. Even when the finest and most esteemed writings are read by their authors, they are liable to kill with boredom."
    Leopardi's Pensieri

    The first of a new series of spoken word nights at Indo, Bedtime Stories will feature readings from Adelle Stripe, Lee Rourke and Clive Murphy. Compered by the incomparable Heidi James, there'll be music from Zan Fracaroli and fanzines on sale by Zakia Uddin.

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