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      [31.12.06] [3:AM]
    You May Have Missed
    The 3:AM Xmas Bash, recently (pictured: Adelle Stripe and Matthew Coleman)

    In February we reported "technical difficulties" with the main site. It will not come as any surprise to regular readers that we have been 'squatting' in Buzzwords since May. Here's the best from 2005 and 2006, before we unveil our difficulty-free new main site.

    The editors of 3:AM wish its readers a Happy 2007.

    Andrew Gallix, Richard McLuhan, James Bridle, Richard Cabut, Noah Cicero, Matthew Coleman, Utahna Faith, Tao Lin, Steven Rogers, A. Stevens, HP Tinker, Zakia Uddin, Matthew Wascovich


    Randolph Carter (A. Stevens)

    Johnny Deluxe (Andrew Gallix)

    Laura Hird (A. Stevens)

    Little Man Tate (Richard O'Brien)

    Sarah Lomax and Benjamin Ware of Dreams Money Can Buy (Andrew Gallix)

    Louie (Richard O'Brien)

    Tom McCarthy (Andrew Gallix)

    Susana Medina (Ruben H and Monica Bergos)

    Valerie Mrejen (Steven Rogers)

    R. Stevie Moore (A. Stevens)

    Steve New (Adelle Stripe)

    Silver Jews (Peter Wild)

    Iain Sinclair (Richard McLuhan)

    Damo Suzuki (A. Stevens)

    Tony O'Neill (Richard Cabut)

    The Indelicates (Richard O'Brien)

    The National (Peter Wild)

    Susan Tomaselli (Andrew Gallix)

    Lisa Williams (Andrew Gallix)


    All Kinds of Disorder, by Nick Burbridge (Randolph Carter)

    The Bizarro Starter Kit (Susan Tomaselli)

    Bottomfeeder, by Bob Fingerman (Susan Tomaselli)

    Ciao! Miami, by Fawzy Zablah (Noah Cicero)

    Clearwater, by Will Ashon (Susan Tomaselli)

    Don Giovanni, by Dan Fante (Tony O'Neill)

    Extended Play, Various (Susan Tomaselli)

    Godlike, by Richard Hell (Andrew Gallix)

    Hating Olivia, by Mark SaFranko (Tony O'Neill)

    JPod, by Douglas Coupland (Susan Tomaselli)

    Poems I Wrote While Watching TV, by Travis Jeppesen (Susan Tomaselli)

    Snakes and Earrings, by Hitomi Kanehara (Hillary Raphael)

    Tainted Love, by Stewart Home (Randolph Carter)

    Tintin and the Secret of Literature, by Tom McCarthy (Susan Tomaselli)


    About The Living Things, Photophob (Kenji Siratori)

    'Back On Crack', The Bergeracs (Richard O'Brien)

    Costello Music, The Fratellis (Richard O'Brien)

    Flight, emBROWNLOWe (Richard O'Brien)

    Home Improvement for Condemned Buildings, freelovebabies (Richard O'Brien)

    Like A Daydream, Various (A. Stevens)

    Me With Trees Towering, emBROWNLOWe (Richard O'Brien)

    Mike's Bikes, The Lavender Pill Mob (Richard Cabut)

    Peel Sessions, I Am Kloot (Maxwell Liu)

    Sam's Town, The Killers (Richard O'Brien)

    'Suburban Kings', Rosemary (Richard O'Brien)

    The Freedom Spark, Larrakin Love (Richard O'Brien)

    The Lovers, The Lovers (David Thompson)

    What Will Survive Of Us, Various (Richard O'Brien)

    Mainey on Eater

    Richard O'Brien on Larrakin Love

    Tony O'Neill on The Rakes


    David Thompson's Bad Faith: May, June, July, August, October


    Cherry Blossoms: (amicable mutiny), by R. "Kindrid" Parker

    Corpse City, by Kenji Siratori

    Credit Card Song, by Michael Cocchiarale

    Getting AIDS from a Used Book, by John Thorson

    Kingdom By The Sea, by Caren Beilin

    New York I'm Leaving You, by Tim Hall

    Playing Cards with Saddam, by Alex Keegan

    Rocky Point Crabs - 1978, by Len Joy

    The Gumball Machine, by Nicole Hefner


    blue/black #119, by Elizabeth Ellen

    Breakfast Fragments, by Ben Myers

    Check People Sliding, by Vim Cortez

    No Bullshit Reviews, by Christian Prozak

    Notes For Middle-Aged Heroes, by George Berger

    Three New Poems, by Andrei Codrescu

    Three Poems, by Russell Bitner

    Three Poems, by Jenni Fagan

    Walking The Cow, by Mike Topp


    Bruce Benderson talks about The Romanian

    Denis Browne talks about Alexander Trocchi

    Tom McCarthy talks about Cain's Book


    Tom Bradley on the 2006 US mid-term elections

    Michael Horovitz talks about lost Post Offices

    Charles Thomson comments on the Stuckists' demonstration against the Turner Prize

    Tom Bradley meditates on the war in Iraq

    Matthew Coleman reviews Fuerzabruta

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