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Edmund Berrigan

Ideological stance
If anything
I'd hammock the rest
from cheek to cheekbone
& choke the child sense
of redistributed harmony
or adjst harm spent
docked on a mooring
& get thee sway.

Pointing Observation
How come I still feel
young & stupid?
I look different

This; no.
This is no ordinary
a-sexual reproductive
history of the sponge.

This, no trope specify
Name number pacify.

No translation provided
piquante porter portrayed
as duckbilled.

Fop the scholar slunk.

Polarize the community
puncture the common wealth

who pissed off the plague
repeated the demigog

This experience is no
Protean limit of fake sick
There, I've always wanted to
put that there. That. This, no.


Edmund Berrigan is 28 and lives and works in New York City, where he has been active in the poetry scene since roughly 1982. He is the author of one full-length collection, Disarming Matter from Owl Press, as well as several chapbooks including In the Dream Hole, a collaborative book with Anselm Berrigan from Man Press. Recent work have appeared in Drill, Lungfull, and Van Gogh's Ear. He also performs music under the guise I Feel Tractor, in and around New York City.

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