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Spiv Driver

OCTOBER 4, 2004
"It's like blowjob teeth if she ever had one shirt for craze, farty lemons lick rise to fatwa" "blown out motherfuckers forming near assfest in brighton"

JULY 08, 2003
"The sea dazzles us with her repercussions" "another state of criminal"

JUNE 16, 2003
"no remorse for sacrifices" "put down the stories for a little ugliness"

APRIL 29, 2003
"Stung afro on the ceiling. Can't alleviate the reactivated fire." "Foaming with filler/ Big mouth playground bully/ toe-to-toe with your therapist"

MARCH 18, 2003
"The world is pretty ripe tonight, / disillusion everywhere you look" "Afraid of the fatal highest common / denominator, you choke on eyeliner."

FEBRUARY 11, 2003
"Homogenous backbones, like most of the oak found in the Balkan states, all taste the same, after all, no matter the size of the splinter or appendix." "I've got tanks in my ear and a tattoo of your voice in my head."

JANUARY 14, 2003
"I am not the hypothesis to the solution you've created, said the giant to the writer." "She travels through crashproof dummies left in Europe with goats."

DECEMBER 05, 2002
"Get high off the lifestyle, or get the fuck out." "I am so clean that I can't stand you anymore"

NOVEMBER 10, 2002
"salts of the flibbered sea/ perpendicular to a false horizon" "San Francisco has pulled me into bed/ Like an institute/ Like I have been probated"

OCTOBER 5, 2002
Read the tremendous first installation of Spiv Driver, by Travis Jeppesen and Matthew Wascovich.

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