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For one night only


16 September 2009
From 7.30pm
Basement, Zebrano 3am Bar, 18 Greek St, London W1

Join us in the dirty beating heart of Soho to celebrate the life and works of legendary music journalist Steven Wells and his Attack! Books. For one night only, the mayhem is unleashed once more as the whole Attack! Books roster reunites to pay tribute to the man.

Mark Manning (Get Your Cock Out)
Stewart Home (Whips and Furs: My Life as a Bon Vivant, Gambler and Love Rat)
Tony White (Satan! Satan! Satan!)
Tommy Udo (Vatican Blood Bath)
Stanley Manly (Raiders of the Low Forehead)

“The self-perpetuating ponce-mafia oligarchy of effete bourgeois wankers who run the ‘literary scene’ must be swept aside by a tidal wave of screaming urchin tits-out teenage terror totty and DESTROYED! ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!”

“Is it not a bit sad that the Laurel & Hardy-esque double-act of Amis and Self – a couple of turgid upper-middle-class fogies who write like Victorians – are still regarded as benchmarks of enfant terriblism? Surely the 21st century needs a new literature, a Punk Lit, an Avant-Pulp, a New Brutalism: writing that apes, matches, parodies and supersedes the exhilarating pace of the popular culture which surrounds it.”

[Read 3:AM‘s interview with Steven Wells here.]

First posted: Wednesday, September 16th, 2009.

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