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By James Davies.

from Budgies

The team bonding session was an art exercise. And we had to laugh when Rik said Tate Modern. Charlie held the marker pens. Amanda did the presentation and feedback

Modsumerist alley. The Judd Co. Nice blocks at affordable and expensive prices for any size of smart pad

But then I got the night frights. The urge to buy plastic things. A new suitcase. Shouldn’t I be outside watching a snail

Yellow pink yellow flavor. Pink new flavor yellow. Flavor yellow pink flavor. New improved flavor pink

A team bonding in Derby. A team bonding in Safron Walden. A team bonding in Basingstoke. A team bonding in Trafford

Meeting at the St John’s Ambulance re-union ‘But I never knew you had such big feet’. Or ‘No I’ve never tried pomegranate either’ for a toke on her maisonette

Is only equality of opportunity having substantive inequality as its logical corollary

A team bonding in Maperly. A team bonding in Bastille. A team bonding in Queens. A team bonding in Letna

Should I had a nectarine before I go to bed. Maybe it was that that made me (that). Have you listened to a buttercup. Have you sat in your house for days on end listening to reggae

It is too simple to compare Trotsky and Lenin to Lennon and McCartney. What was pastie and chicken. Who was the uber-gangster in Nicole Kidman. By 1978 he had cut his hair and was talking to the media again

Proudly presents second-rate clay-pushing with a bit of showbiz spunk so I did the cream on my i-phone cos no-one was at the stall

Red liquid is best for a group Panini. 9 stars (I was thinking of a fruit machine). Automatic permanent playground. Shit on a biscuit as a noun

My avatar wasn’t quite me but it wasn’t quite not me so I wrote him a bread-and-butter-letter for his web hosting

Function, production, reception: false sublation of autonomy like that Klimt they bought me at my leaving-do

Depravity talked about like it’s a bad thing. Get my assistants to tell the neighbours. When I was young I was under the oak tree but now I got contents insurance

Furtherance: starbucks for France! Furtherance: Warburtons for France!

In one of those rare moments the after effects of some perverse dream but it’s gotta be better than watching Spiderman II with Kev: ‘Fukc Furtherance!’ a slogan by French Connection UK

And behind her a wall of cigarettes. What was it like to believe in God. What do I feel like wearing this store branded fleece. Should I throw out the grill magiX

Not nice exactly but kinda nice like people say about log fires or reading the Guardian with a Yakult

I thought you were _________ but you ain’t. How did he get the hand-drier to work for longer than me. Look it’s the equal opp app. I stopped wearing one and feel good about it

I lost my double voucher in the wash. Three square alarm clocks: white green blue. I have signed a special biscuit selection. This was sex cleaner too

The Ryanair lady wanted her cannabis dropped off at 9 but my phone’s turned off so I’ll do you a drawing of Benidorm on a scratch card if you wear that digital t-shirt for me again:

Eating chicken wings on the overwings. Marx? No you got it all wrong I’m just at the disco. Move is kwik from handcuffs to dandruff. Sex wasp is a duffel coat

“The language doesn’t mean anything?” You got it all wrong: you’re limping on a foreskin: you’re stinking the place out

In the modern repulsive bed there’s no cockroaches in it. The lovers with a cucumber (a photo). Cute girls love rabbits. How much do I love it

What am I doing in a bank thinking of Dani and Minogue. At my appraisal I tell him the sheep make me really sad different sad from my line manager though

A tiger sniffing a lamb’s buttocks. Such joys as these to hop from one foot to another from day into midnight

If you give it to me then I’ll give it to him he will no doubt give it to her and then she can pass it back to you

The quality of life in overland is exceptional whilst working in the region has proved inspirational like a courtesy break rebranded as a comfort break

When the blasts of winter appear how can a ______ when fears annoy. Here have these cherries and nuts in a bowl
Three lines of domestic poetry. You would pour blackcurrant juice and tuna over the floor. All the time waiting for Mike to say Yvonne’s dead. “And sniggering, caught sight of a pretty fox”

Nostalgic line about your home town. Two men in butter coloured leotards riding blue horses waving to some bricks

Style reveals the individual. Was a deep orange lake or canvas. That that girl said yumness once. Lao Tzu on a bicycle at 5am was a light to mid blue

oil mollen should be more central. Hugs ‘pone’ too closely. Should not hug ‘pone’ so closely. No longer hugs ‘pone’ so closely

Fall, fall down on heather. A pebble and a red moon. Fall down, fall down on heather. Kicking a rock on Hellvelyn

As like makes me tired or not. She took a yawn on the lawn and I laughed like melodies without melodies that is to say I could see crystals in a weather beaten box

Putting a donut into a box inflates its price like the bronze testicles of a peer of the realm. Had a pizza was the greatest thing I’d ever written. I got the shakes and internal admin problems from bronze testicles

A pagoda but it’s set in winter. Forms; they’re essentially trees with plastic icicles. Man holding an electrical box with elasticated arms. Oversteps looked at a dustbin

Girl standing next to a yellow stripe says thank God I’m successful says a painting of a dog with a captain says I hate art in a kitsch speech bubble and is a gift card

I’m sorry I proposed that spreadsheet wet dream over that postcard I did 4 U but on a stone bench twas not nor merriment under the elm. And then three more people turned up: a cube, dubstep record, and a porcelain dog all ground down to powder

I have been driving a car in the snow which is a screenprint: a copy from one of those knitting magazines when the pea soup was too watery

A paintbrush by the shore to represent a painting of a paintbrush by the shore

It must have been fun to wear all those wigs in that extravaganza like a barman’s cocaine brunch but no beans please. But what about all the cars on the road. C’mon let’s try on some more wigs

But presences. The hokey-cokey then its gone. A Tony Smith cube. I’m dancing to a song called d shoqub


James Davies is the author of Plants (Reality Street) and two e-collections The Manual Handling Process (Beard of Bees) & Acronyms (onedit). He is editor of if p then q, former editor of the cult poetry object Matchbox, sometime collaborator with Simon Taylor as Joy as Tiresome Vandalism and is one of the organisers of The Other Room poetry night and website.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, August 4th, 2011.