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By Nathan Thompson.

Signs #96

just wonderland    cherish judgement picture primitive
first paragraph taken on holiday
        start again caught
restores coupled words dichotomy trouble sunk abrasive
velcro adheres like adam & eve leaves figs light up
conversation picked from school
         blind debate
probable no children no food gifted as talented
pies passed sat tight say hello do I know you
not me not today shepherded towards dark by sighed clouds
flashed up
     as start walking away slowly at home
     who is something finished but not yet
     power’s monstrance flared connections

bulb on battery talk strewn monitor steady angle
consult watch hop down run on a long time open
verdict quick wash decision vacates to garden city

Signs #97

clean join break from club a seasonal forgetting
lime fresh tongue your tantrum is
         ‘a taste sensation’
revelation back booked from beyond grave imagine
sleight as dove falls dead propaganda processed
concise art of lips synching eats from your hand
     made picture post-colon you all inventive right
     think hats off blaze on gun-smooth pate

such stuff remains are laid of
     skeletal fingers point through dust
gold banned diamonds too late pass please if you’re coming pearly knocking
who wants you spiral suck-up docks ablaze your knack for displacement heaven
cellar open a crack fly-tipping in your own home teeth clenched on
language who sees me huge with your flesh right out of
greeting sugar just delivered
     a client you need to continue
     hang up the intended unintendable
     whom was meant who meant what

Signs #98

every shot line of screenplay


hen do pulls stag do pint / springs pension surprise
age no object happy scrutiny oceanic whitetips never verified
chance so negative chairman of the shock
cleared of harassing wife’s lover jumped on web
where everyone looks scruffy except generation xy

beat to activate   get stuck in unofficial house cardiac
officer stop that cardigan out of hours arrest hands mid gesture
to save over 40% of conversation her letter was posted feet first
in an explosion of sex selection and mushrooms manana

     think backlog bonanza & you’re just about crossing that diy cultural desert
     assets corked in premium qualification process
     xed out zero immorality not a serious business / top layer of middle
     parency rating falls 2.2 to 2.0 trans-domestic [click]
     put off revolution capped instead retwist again to open fire

Nathan Thompson grew up in Cornwall and now lives in Hebden Bridge. He is studying for a PhD at the University of Salford, where he also works as a graduate teaching assistant. His two collections with Shearsman are The Visitor’s Guest and the arboretum towards the beginning. He also has pamphlets out from Oystercatcher, Knives Forks and Spoons and Gratton Street Irregulars. Recent readings have included appearances in Berlin, Prague, Paris, London and Manchester. From 2008 to 2010 he ran PoAttic, a reading series featuring international poets at the Jersey Opera House.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, December 14th, 2013.