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Modern Lovers of Debris published 04/03/2009

In the March issue of Dazed & Confused magazine, Andrew Gallix writes of Tom McCarthy: Now that Tom McCarthy’s debut novel Remainder is toasted as a contemporary classic by the likes of Zadie Smith, it is easy to forget that no publisher would touch it. The young author increasingly looked to the art world, where […]

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Crackling Embers IV: Art’s Dirty Secret Redux published 28/01/2009

instateIt was, indeed, evident by the number of press in attendance, that the appearance of Tom McCarthy and Simon Critchley in person was crucial to the event’s authenticity. One can only imagine the caterwauls of derision that would have rightly descended upon the two ‘Necronauts’ up on the stage if they had dared hoodwink those present and petulantly hired two actors to stand in for them – such temerity and tom-foolery would have undermined their, and our intentions, right? To reiterate this point I am put in mind of the unified scorn Andy Warhol suffered after he sent out various assistants and toadies to his own press conferences – in his own wigs – to impersonate him, only to answer the outraged media, after their collective protestations (to paraphrase): of course it was me, that’s what I’m all about!

Lee Rourke attends the reading of the INS Joint Declaration of Inauthenticity.

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More McCarthyism published 18/05/2008

Tom McCarthy is exhibiting Black Box Transmitter, a flight-recorder that transmits INS propaganda messages non-stop around a forty-kilometre area, in Stockholm‘s Moderna Museet, in the exhibition Eclipse: Art in a Dark Age. The exhibition, which also features work by Paul McCarthy, Mike Nelson, Dana Schutz and others, runs from May 31st to August 24th. The […]

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Earthbound Novelist published 06/03/2008

Novelist Tom McCarthy will be delivering his “Red Paper on Terrestrial Art” to the Alien Affairs Committee of Mars at the Barbican on 20 March (6.30pm, free). Using the form of a White Paper, it’s an irreverent report on the art world and its follies, written by a Martian. It was published in the book […]

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Berlin Degree Zero published 07/12/2007

BLATT and 3:AM proudly present two evenings of Offbeat fun in Berlin: Joining us on December 8th at 9pm will be Heidi James, Travis Jeppesen, Gaby Bila-Gunther, Helena Prince, and Mike Haef. The evening will be capped off with a performance by Brother John & Sister Jane. All this will get underway at Lady Gaby’s […]

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Finding Their Way, But Not in Total Darkness published 05/02/2007

steven-rogers.jpg“Imitation, assimilation and innovation.”

With the words of jazzman Clark Terry still resonating in his ears since adolescence, Steven Rogers investigates how far the trumpeter’s musical maxim can be applied to the writing process.

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