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The Missing Links

The weirding of philosophy. * Ben Woodard‘s Slime Dynamics reviewed. * Nick Land and sci-fi. * Berlin’s abandoned shopping trolleys. * Decoy Paris. * An interview with Christine Schutt. * Beckett reading from Watt and directing Godot. * An interview with Gabriel Josipovici (video). * László Krasznahorkai interviewed. * The beginning of Thomas Bernhard‘s Correction. * On Ingeborg Bachmann. * Conceptual writing. * Writing after conceptual art. * Hitchcock. * David Lynch meets the Lumière Brothers. * Orson Welles‘s The Trial. * Beyond “Kafka’s Wound”. * Wish You Were There. * Jean-Michel Basquiat. * Sophie Calle‘s The Address Book. * Miranda July‘s A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted (short film). * The Library of Unborrowed Books. * Art attacks. * Defaced artworks in pictures. * D. T. Max on David Foster Wallace. * Famous writers’ illnesses. * Blake Butler: “I like art that seems to want to be destroyed; I like art that takes Chekhov’s gun off the wall and aims it at the reader”. More here and there. * Stewart Home on beatnik legend Terry Taylor. * Kerouac and Ginsberg in Pull My Daisy, 1959. * How the Beats got away from Kerouac. * The Portable Museum. * Radiohead cover The Smiths‘ “The Headmaster Ritual”. * The man who ruined the novel? * Neil Armstrong‘s mum asked in 1962: what if your son becomes the first man on the moon? * Where is the Britain of Wodehouse and Waugh? * Courbet’s nudes. * The strangeness of reality. * Essex couple tear down walls in search for “beeping sound”. * Sigmund Freud speaks, 1938. * Why Swimming Home should win this year’s Booker. * Dreaming pool. * Twitter fiction. * Vintage ads promoting reading and libraries. * Junot Diaz‘s This is How You Lose Her reviewed. * Boulevard of broken dreams. * Writers’ rooms. * How to create the perfect writing environment. * Monkeys With Typewriters. * Melville House have a Tumblr. * Paul Auster reads The Red Notebook (audio). * The future is subhuman. * DBC Pierre‘s Texan road trip. * Dee Dee Ramone‘s posthumous exhibition. * Yellowism. * Irvine Welsh on Jimmy Savile.

First posted: Tuesday, October 16th, 2012.

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