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Three Poems

By Sarah Crewe.

Argento Removals

flies they float black dots displaced
legless crotchets in minor key
a drone a flock to rot
sarcophagus chlorine hue
even the birds forgo a feed
my pitch so pitiful
i start to pack tenebrae heels
crescendo cased i writhe in white
find red at my feet and follow
to a lion’s lair leap inside
its belly walls pinks and greens
drip down so slow colour cryptic
amber black flicker butterfly to moth
smile to shudder catch it cup it
release in sound paint stained whistle
to erotic horror i think
i could be happy here


Simone says
Put your hands
On your head
Banshee bird dance
First right after
Next set of lights
Split the Red Sea
Wave to Babel
Bow your berry head
To the Greco grotesque
Simone says
Cover your ears
The boy who says fuck
Can’t possibly be yours
Be your own Boudica
Climb red-black chariot
Scratch itch for Euston
Wake in Bloomsbury haze
Hair pinched at platform
And wild eyes to boot
Simone says
Roll up your sleeves
In dishwasher prose
In pugilist bleach
Wrap your tits
In net curtain
Keep close to chest
Hope brash best front forward
Can hide swinging brick
Simone says
Listen love
i’m not Simone
On reaching road
Her mind is changed
I can be Simone,
Rosa, Ulrike
Whatever you want
Simone says
Put your hands
On your hips
And hope for
A sea change.


ice cream parlour shared epithet
dry mouth melody swirls Suzanne Vega
Pastiche in tribute eulogy obscured by
horizontal thunder horse gallop
glue van waiting room
bricked up in battle bottled shades
of blue
tabula rasa rolled on red paint
vinyl on matt skin
as Luca left his
lover twisted key death hit our return
broke it to my bones Luca long departed
metal shed vibrated on undertaker’s hands
burst on blue sofa and howl for the last
no current or constant no thrash and recess

no ebb and flow tide reclined out
blood cachet sea but eyes are all dry
padlock razor rust capillaries closed

Sarah Crewe is from the Port of Liverpool. She’s had work published in Ink, Sweat & Tears and in Lamport Court, and is poet in residence at The Institute of Lifelong Learning at the University of Sheffield. She is in love with the sea, but afraid to revisit Daryl Hannah’s mermaid film Splash in case it is not as good as she remembers it being when she was a little girl in need of long hair and marine power.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, October 25th, 2011.