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Been There Done That

JUNE 3, 2003
"Yoko didn't sleep that night confessing to Murray that she'd has such a good time getting sweaty with the fags. She asked Murray who we were, Me, Six, and James from The Horse Hospital gallery. There's nothing more thrilling, than to be thought of by Yoko Ono… Imagine."

MARCH 4, 2003
"At a cash machine, a young bloke asked me if I had a spare 50 quid. He looked familar, it turned out he had a younger brother. The machine spat out 20 quid which I gave to 'Mikhail'. He lit up and told me his story."

DECEMBER 18, 2002
"Fantasy and reality collide head-on and pile up, under an amber spotlight where the show biz addled star on the skids -- a has-been who's never really been -- screams/belts out Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'"

NOVEMBER 24, 2002
"Kathy Acker was the last of the pirates, she embodied the 'punk' spirit, she was dangerous."

OCTOBER 13, 2002
"Our eyes rolled. We stirred our tea. The cat yawned. Perhaps it was raining."

SEPTEMBER 14, 2002
"So other people can tell you who you are? That's the problem with reading philosophy: you have to think. Montaigne had his dreams, farts and La Boetie; Schopenhauer had his daily routine that never varied in twenty-seven years and of course, his pet poodle 'Butz'. And I'm developing an obsession for Gasworks and empty tennis courts."

AUGUST 9, 2002
"Sioux crashed to the floor screaming, her voice fuller, deeper and scarier, now stripped to Crystal bra, twirling, whirling, whipping that mircophone cord into a nest of vipers, something in my mind dislodged, my eyes burning holes into the back of my brain."

JUNE 30, 2002
"Siouxsie recently complained over dinner, that there weren't enough male brothels teeming with studs, up and ready to serve: 'I've always thought it should be ladies first!!' she chortled."

JUNE 1, 2002
"Weird and dangerous things happened to me and my friends -- known then as The Bromley Contingent -- a pack of fucked-up suburban guttersnipes with a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time."

APRIL 8, 2002
"Siouxsie is now in public persona mode. Her mask remains intact. This dominates the evening. My friend is in there somewhere. Somewhere behind the gorgeous blue-black feathered hair, the make up that makes her face a glittering cold moon."

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