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See you all at our X-mas bash in London at the Aquarium on 30 December!


On 19 November, a fire on Monitor Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn destroyed the home and possessions of Soft Skull poet Todd Colby, his wife Elizabeth Zechel and their neighbor and friend Melissa Piechucki. A benefit gig is being held tomorrow at the Bowery Poetry Club (308 Bowery, New York, across the road from CBGBs). It kicks off at 8pm, and there will be music by King Missile III with John S. Hall, Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes, Rebecca Moore, Alice B. Talkless, 3AM's Matthew Wascovich, Brian Straw, Todd Colby and Tobi Joi. There will also be readings from Hal Sirowitz, Maggie Estep, Brendan Lorber, Sharon Mesmer, Regie Cabico, Cat Tyc, David Cameron, Lisa Miller, Karen Randolf, Hal Sirowitz, Karen Randolf, T. Cole Rachel, Brenda Coultas, Marcella Durand, Anne Elliot, Daniel Nester, Justin Theroux, Michael Portnoy and Marrianne Vitale of the Yogurt Boys, Edwin Torres, Dana Bryant, Celena Glen, Tracey McTague, Thad Rutowkski, Dawn Saylor and Jo Ann Wasserman. The event is sponsored by Soft Skull Press, the Bowery Poetry Club, Gammon Records & Jordan Trachtenberg, Slow Toe Publications, 3AM Magazine, Skanky Possum Press, Boog City, Lungfull!, Ugly Duckling Press, Arthur Magazine, LIT, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Call: Review (John Most), Pagan Place Zine (Merry Fortune), Eric Baus, Eileen Tabios, Joshua Beckman, Noah Eli Gordon, Susan Mills, Poetry Calendar, St. Mark's Poetry Project and Kitty Magik Magazine.

3AM's Matthew Wascovich and Brian Straw recorded a radio gig on 91.1 FM in Cleveland, Ohio. It is archived on the web for one week only at Radio Dystopia.

EAST OF NEW YORK 12/13/2003

Check out the new East of New York column at the ever-wonderful Web Del Sol. Just in time for Christmas!


The New York Observer on the Believer kids. Daren King, who will be appearing at 3AM Magazine's X-Mas Bash in London on 30 December, reviews Kaori Ekuni's Twinkle Twinkle. Grayson Perry wins this year's Turner Prize. Writers tell their tales of shame. McSweeney's' Twenty-Minute Stories. Harold Bloom on Don Quixote. J.M. Coetzee's Nobel lecture. A picture of Marilyn Manson in Paris for my beloved penguin. Yet another literary prize is announced. Books of the year. This year's Bad Sex Award was announced by Sting. Who will be next season's Chant Laureate? Daren King appears in the latest issue of taint magazine. The internet refuseniks. The Minor Fall, The Major Lift. Michael Moorcock on Tony White's Foxy-T. Circling the Square at the National Portrait Gallery in London. 3AM's Andrew Stevens features in The Idler's Crap Towns hit book -- more here. (Andrew's article actually caused a minor scandal!) An interview with Tarantino. Publishers & the Internet. The Surrealist Compliment Generator. The Dictionary of Obscure Sexual Terms. Young black British theatre. Times Square cam. Literary Kicks. The mighty Libertines top the Guardian's list of the 40 greatest Brit bands. Martin Millar interviewed by Chris Mitchell in Spike. The Gender Genie. An interview with John Cale. What kind of retro gal are you?. An interview with The Strokes. The 100 greatest novels of all time! Sofia Coppola. Booksurfer. The Atlantic on Englishness. Derek Jarman's punk classic, Jubilee. This is what reading 3AM leads to! Watch with Mother. Two Slugs Kissing. Low Culture. The rock school. The new issue of Bobby Joseph's Black Eye Magazine is out now in the UK.


Happy birthday to 3AM's delightful Utahna Faith who appears in the latest issue of Exquisite Corpse. Corpse supremo Andrei Codrescu features in the first issue of Utahna's literary journal Wild Strawberries alongside 3AM's Californicator Kimberly Nichols, yours truly and many others. You can buy a copy here. Check out pictures taken at the Wild Strawberries lauch in the 3AM Magazine Fotolog. You'll also find pictures from the recent screening of Andrei Codrescu's 1992 documentary Road Scholar at the Gold Mine Saloon in New Orleans. (The Gold Mine Saloon, located at 705 Dauphine Street in the French Quarter, hosts an open mic poetry reading every Thursday night starting at 7.30.) In other news, Utahna is planning to publish a small chapbook about... dachsunds! Send your flash fiction, prose poetry or nonfiction (nothing over 500 words, please) to Utahna Faith. Please write "dachsund submission" and your name in the subject line. A big 'Woof!' to Story, Utahna.


Parisian record label Tsunami Addiction will soon release an album of girl/boy duos which will include a track ("Put Words in Your Mouth") by Gülcher, Laurence Rémila's art-rock combo. Ladies, you're in for a treat: there are some new pix of Rémila here! J.M. Barrie's photo album. Jeff VanderMeer reviewed by Michael Moorcock. Emin and Hirst campaign to save the Colony Room. Christmas novelty hits. An interview with Chomsky, the "Elvis of Academia". Top 10 sexy scenes in films. The Kings of Leon. Check out the Superbabes. Play School: those were the days! Harold Bloom's Hamlet. Literary bar jokes. Online publications listed in the excellent Writer's Directory. City Lights at 50. Clare Morrall. The alpha female. Ronal Reagan's evil sex angst. The Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt of literature.


Your soaraway 3AM Magazine is ending the year with a bang. Our statistics have kept rising since the summer with a peak of 31,429 unique visitors in one week back in October! Thanks to you all for your continued support.


3am's X-mas bash will take place at London's Aquarium Gallery (10 Woburn Walk, London WC1H OJL, just off Euston Road, behind St Pancras Church) on 30 December (7pm). The line-up includes (in alphabetical order): Ali Catterall (co-author of Your Face Here: British Cult Movies Since the Sixties), Matthew Collings (celebrated art critic and TV presenter), Charlotte Cooper (author of banned lesbian novel, Cherry), Paul Crooks (author of Ancestors), Daren King (author of Boxy an Star, which was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award, and the forthcoming Jim Giraffe), Toby Litt (author of many novels, most recently Finding Myself), Preethi Nair (author of Gypsy Masala and One Hundred Shades of White), Matt Thorne (author of many novels, most recently Child Star), Alex Wheatle (author of Brixton Rock) and Tony White (literary editor of The Idler and author of several novels including Foxy-T).


Novelist and literary editor of The Idler Tony White writes to us about the "first decent presentation" of contemporary Serbian culture to take place in London: "20th November, and Salon des Arts in London hosted what was probably the first decent presentation of contemporary Serbian culture in London for years. The packed event was called Shot by both Sides: New Voices from Serbia and was programmed by Ada Gadomski of the Opala Group and chaired by Tony White. The evening featured cult comic artist Aleksandar Zograf who is most famous for his strips documenting the NATO bombing of Belgrade (Bulletins From Serbia, Slab O'Concrete), playwright and novelist Hajdana Baletic; playwright and poet Milena Markovic who got the biggest laughs of the evening with an energetic, tragi-comic and true story about her mother (see picture); and Vladimir Arsenijevic, author of In the Hold (Harvill) amongst others.

Arsenijevic's forthcoming novel, Ishmail, which documents both the arrival of punk in Belgrade and the disappearance of a particular 1960s avant-garde, is in part a collaboration with Zograf. Extracts were brilliantly and hilariously read by the beautiful actress Branka Katic (star of Emir Kusturica's classic 1998 movie Black Cat, White Cat). While Zograf himself has recently collaborated with Robert Crumb, Peter Blegvad and others on a multi-author comic, Jamming with Aleksandar Zograf.

The presentations were followed by a wide-ranging discussion with all of the artists and authors, which looked at challenges facing writers and artists in a post-Milosevic Serbia which only a week ago narrowly escaped the election of a new far-right president because of a technicality around poll-turnouts. The conversation looked at the value of underground networks and international exchange -- by any means necessary -- which in Belgrade means either self-publishing and tapping into international comics networks (in Zograf's case) or starting your own publishing house to publish experimental and non-nationalistic fiction as Arsenijevic has done with Rende. Vladimir Arsenijevic is also contributing to Borivoj Radakovic, Matt Thorne and Tony White's forthcoming anthology of new fiction from the UK, Croatia and Serbia.

SHE SAID A BAD WORD! 12/06/2003

Congratulations to our beloved webmaster, Editor-in-Chief and punk rock star Jim Martin and, of course, to his missus Becky for (as Andrew Stevens put it) arresting Canada's falling birthrate! Jim and Becky have just brought a baby boy called Jake into this big, bad world of ours. Jake is the fourth (count 'em) Martin offspring! Here's an extract from the e-mail Jim sent out to his mates in the wake of the happy event: "So here we are. It's 20 to 4 in the morning on the 30th, and I'm up writing emails. It can only mean one thing. Little baby Jake is out and about. . . . The contractions started coming, and Becky made the sane and rational decision to get as fried as she could on free junk. They gave her an epidural, but for reasons unknown it didn't seem to take. Her contractions were still killer, and she had total and complete feeling on one side of her body. This caused her to say a bad word. That's okay, though, I said a lot more than just the one. Then she said, 'I want to push.' Then she pushed. Then the baby's heart stopped. Then they called for a vacuum and a 'code pink', which presumably is a bad thing given their attributing the most genial and non-threatening of colors to it. Before either of these things managed to appear, Jake was born. He was fine, weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces and having a good chuff of dark hair. The total time for pushing was eight minutes, and the total time for labour altogether was just over three hours. He popped out at 11:53 at night, so I'll have to start singing 'When the clock strikes (seven minutes to) midnight' . . ."


3am's Richard Marshall is taking part in the international The Information Wants to be Free festival in Stockholm tonight. He will be reading alongside fellow Attack! Books luminaries, Steven Wells and Tommy Udo. Other guests include Billy Childish (who will be playing a gig in Paris on 8 December) and Steve Beard. (Pic: Richard Marshall by yours truly.)


Read "Skull" by Steve Almond in's Fall fiction issue. NY gossip zine, Gawker, have launched a porn blog called Fleshbot. An article about the underground music press. Check out the mighty ladies. Marc-Edouard Nabe launches a new paper called La Vérité. Identity of French 'love' artist revealed. Revelations about The Office Christmas special. The "JD Salinger of rock", Lee Mavers (The La's) disappears up the "Mersey-sippi". Grammatical howlers. Dutch publisher gives away books in railway stations!


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