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3:AM Top 5: Hiag Akmakjian

Hiag Akmakjian was born in New York of Armenian immigrant parents. He is an photographic artist, taught by Ansel Adams, and is the author of the novel 30,000 Mornings and Snow Falling from a Bamboo Leaf, an essay on haiku. His Cafe Mornings is a Rabelaisian memoir of his student days in Montparnasse and his story, ‘A Room on the Left Bank,’ anthologised in 3:AM London, New York, Paris. His all-time favourites are:

1. ‘Clair de Lune,’ — Debussy
2. ‘Clair de Lune,’ — Faure
“The two Clair de Lunes are based on the same sonnet–of that name–by Mallarme.”
3. ‘Das Kraehe,’ — Schubert
4. ‘Chanson Triste,’ — Henri Duparc
5. ‘Fiocca La Neve,’ — Respighi

First posted: Sunday, March 23rd, 2008.

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