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11/06/19: Exile on Denmark Street

Tales From Tin Pan Alley (dir. Henry Scott-Irvine) is the first full-length documentary to tell the story of Britain’s own ‘Tin Pan Alley’ on London’s Denmark Street.  Home to songwriters, music venues, recording spaces and musical instrument shops since 1906 (as well as London’s pre-war ‘Little Tokyo’), the film explores the capital’s declining music heritage amid on-going development of the surrounding area.  Interviewees include Dan Cruikshank, Will Self, Herbie Flowers, Kenney Jones, Glen Matlock and Eddie Piller (not to mention input from 3:AM contributors Andrew Stevens and John Rogers).

The next London screening takes place on Friday July 5th from 7.30pm at SouthWestFest (Lillington Gardens Community Hall & Bar, London SW1V).  More details can be found on the SouthWestFest website.

09/06/19: They’ll Never Have Paris

Owen Booth

Tomoé Hill

Richard Skinner

Lee Rourke

We’ll Never Have Paris launch at Burley Fisher, London.

07/06/19: The Past is a Foreign City

David Collard‘s “The Past is a Foreign City” appears on p. 191 of We’ll Never Have Paris.

06/06/19: French Exchanges

Chris Power‘s “French Exchanges” appears on p. 38 of We’ll Never Have Paris.

: Paris Belongs to Us

Elsa Court‘s “Paris Belongs to Us” appears on p. 204 of We’ll Never Have Paris.

: Pilgrimage

Tomoé Hill‘s “Pilgrimage” appears on p. 113 of We’ll Never Have Paris.

: Wear the Lace

Susanna Crossman‘s “Wear the Lace” appears on p. 140 of We’ll Never Have Paris.

: The Arraignment of Paris

Stuart Walton‘s “The Arraignment of Paris” appears on p. 332 of We’ll Never Have Paris.

05/06/19: DW Does Paris

Dostoyevsky Wannabe does Paris:

This collection approaches the theme of interacting/interactions with language(s) that, across the contributors who are French speakers, English speakers, English/French speakers, has developed in myriad diverging ways. Impossible translation, engine translation, dictionary work, ‘resistant reading’; text as physical medium. Also artistic discourse on language itself, what it’s for, what it does; how it forms us, how it perhaps constrains us. As too interactions with it in life and everyday settings, how it might get in the way, or fall apart, help or hinder. With, among the contributors, writers of prose, essay, poetry alongside conceptual artists, as too members of the Oulipo and Outranspo, DW Paris is a diverse showcase of Paris-centred experimental and innovative literature in 2019.

Paris is edited by Andrew Hodgson, and contains contributions by:

Camille Bloomfield, Amalie Brandt, Chris Clarke, Gaia Di Lorenzo, Craig Dworkin, Lauren Elkin, Andrew Gallix, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange, Stewart Home, Ian Monk, Yelena Moskovich, Olivier Salon, Philipp Timischl.

“The ladies and gentlemen in this book are lost in translation. Some of them are recognized outranspians (since I recognized them). If oulipians are ‘les rats qui construisent le labyrinthe dont ils se proposent de sortir,’ the works that comprise this book, the writers that generated them ‘sont perdus dans Babel sans idée d’en sortir.’ A decisive and entertaining way of tilting at the windmills of a number of different languages.”
Paul Fournel

“Paris est tout à fait excitant et original : il explore des voies et fait entendre des voix nouvelles et inattendues.”
Marcel Bénabou