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06/07/17: ‘Rings a Bell?’

Burley Fisher Books, 400 Kingsland Road, London E8 4AA
(Haggerston/Dalston Junction)
13 July @ 7:00-9:00 pm

There’s nothing new about literary quizzes in East London bookshops, but can you guess titles solely from a synopsis of the books? ‘Rings a Bell?’ is nothing more than a bit of fun on a weekday evening among bibliophile, cineaste and melomaniac company, but if you want to doggedly pursue it as an exercise in intellectual one-upmanship then that’s fine as well. Hosts Anna Aslanyan and Andrew Stevens will unpick several lists of literary classics, sardonically and possibly shambolically, along with rounds on film and music to mix it up a bit.

Tickets available here at £3 per person.

01/07/17: Ethics At 3:AM

From the blurb:

What do ethicists and moral philosophers really think about? What are the most pressing concerns in the discipline today? This collection of interviews with a range of interesting and original thinkers in the field provides a snapshot of contemporary ethics in all its complexity and nuance. It contains 25 probing interviews conducted by Richard Marshall of the cultural magazine 3:AM, each consisting of a carefully condensed version of the interview, preceded by a brief biography of the interview subject. Marshall’s questions are deeply knowledgeable while always accessible to the layperson, and the interviewees respond in kind with rich and opinionated responses. The result is a deeply engaging entree into the state of ethics today.

Copies available here.

06/06/17: Dylan’s Nobel Prize For Literature Speech

03/06/17: Williams Burroughs Nova Convention

[Patti Smith, Nova Convention, 1978 © James Hamilton
William Burroughs, Nova Convention, 1978 © James Hamilton]

Photographs by James Hamilton
Curated by Thurston Moore & Eva Prinz

EACC – Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castello

Opening: Friday, June 2, 8 pm
Thurston Moore will perform ‘Solo Acoustic Show’, 9 pm

Carrer de Prim, s/n
29004 Malaga

Schedule: From Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am – 14 pm and 4 pm – 8 pm
Sunday, 10 am – 2 pm
Tel. +34 964 723 540

Organized by EACC and Contemporanea
Curated by Thurston Moore & Eva Prinz
With the collaboration of La Termica

EACC – Espai d’Art Contemporary de Castelló and Contemporánea present the show “William Burroughs. Nova Convention“ in Spain. The exhibition has been curated by artist Eva Prinz and musician Thurston Moore, one of the founding members of the rock band Sonic Youth.

The Nova Convention was a three day celebration of readings, screenings and performances on Burroughs’s work, included contributions from Laurie Patti Smith, Philip Glass, Brion Gysin, Frank Zappa, John Cage, Timothy Leary and others. The event was produced by John Giorno, James Grauerholz and Sylvere Lotringer and it took place at the Entermedia Theater in New York City during November 30 and December 1st and 2nd in 1978.

One of those in attendance that day was a 19-year-old Thurston Moore, scraggly and raw, who is now a co-curator of the exhibition alongside Eva Prinz: “There was always some magic in the air in NYC and it seemed like there could be no other world in 1978. Burroughs coming back to the city where he predicted the urban energy and flash lightning of punk rock was matter of pride and integrity. We owned the future.”

“William Burroughs. Nova Convention“, largely taken from Village Voice photographer James Hamilton’s Nova Convention in New York, includes candid photos of Burroughs together with his inner circle of radical friends and colleagues of artists, writers, musicians, dancers, such as Patti Smith, John Cage, Frank Zappa, Terry Southern, John Giorno, Laurie Anderson, Anne Waldman, Merce Cunningham and others.

Exhibition will also include ephemera, documents, records, posters, objects and memorabilia from the 1978 Nova Convention. The best homage in the 20th Anniversary of Burroughs’ death.

Photographer James Hamilton was where all of us could only wish to be. His extensive documentation has rarely been seen. In 2010, Ecstatic Peace Library published ‘You Should Have Seen Just What I Heard’, a select tome of his music personality photographs, all black and white.

[Thurston Moore, an special guest of EspaiSonor Program at EACC]

To commemorate the event, Thurston Moore will perform the “Solo Acoustic Show” the night of the opening on June 2nd. Moore will play new songs from the album “Rock ‘n’ Roll Consciousness” and some readings from his book “Stereo Sanctity” in a special set with a 12-string acoustic guitar and with a video screening as a background.

07/05/17: In Memoriam: Peter Kivy (1934-2017)

Peter Kivy was a leading figure in aesthetics and taught for many years at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, where he was emeritus. He was interviewed as part of the End Times series for at 3:AM

An extract:

‘But, lo and behold, when we enter the realm of philosophy of literature, we discover that we do not really know what enthralls us about narrative fiction. We do not know why story-telling so enthralls us. And, again, the philosopher’s instinct is to find something beyond the story, hidden in the story, which, on first reflection, we have missed, that does enthrall us, and for reasons that we do understand. And, not surprisingly, the philosopher comes up with knowledge. For, as Aristotle long ago put it: “learning things is most enjoyable, not only for philosophers but for others equally, though they have little experience of it” (Poetics IV).

Well, this horse won’t run either. I by no means have given up the idea that silently read fiction can be a source of knowledge. But I have become more and more convinced that it is a philosopher’s obsession to place so much emphasis on it in the philosophy of literature. The story is the thing. And until we understand our enthrallment with story-telling, we will not understand literary fiction.’

05/05/17: Know Your Place: Essays on the Working Class by the Working Class

Know Your Place

Know Your Place: Essays on the Working Class by the Working Class is crowdfunding on Kickstarter now.

In less than three days it has overtaken the halfway mark of Dead Ink’s target. The book asks various working class writers to reflect on aspects of their lived experience as it relates to the UK’s class system. There are 22 essays in total, with contributions from Kit De Waal, Andrew McMillan, Yvonne Singh, Kate Fox, Catherine O’Flynn, Lee Rourke and Sam Mills. Topics covered include food, sexuality, music, accents and mental health. The Editor, Nathan Connolly, has described the book as a “cultural response to a populism that is left at the feet of the working class without giving them a voice in return – making them scapegoats.”

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09/04/17: Four By Four Interviews on Aesthetics

Four Interviews on Aesthetics

The four interviews collected in this volume were done in an attempt to understand the value of art and to foreground its importance. four by three magazine editors Christine Jakobson and Bernard Hay have spoken with leading philosophers Paul Guyer and Andrew Bowie, as well as with Palme d’Or winning director Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Turner Prize winning artist Susan Philipsz, in order to illustrate the ways in which artworks reflect on fundamental historical, political and ethical issues, while giving voice to the deep affinities and differences that philosophy and art share.

21/03/17: Fiction Submissions Open

For a limited time, 3:AM is pleased to welcome submissions of fiction and prose for online publication.

The editors share a particular interest in writing that is linguistically and formally experimental. We value the bold, the considered and the deft.

The window for submissions begins today March 21st 2017 and will remain open for four weeks: the closing date for submissions is April 21st 2017 (GMT). Any work sent after midnight on this date will not be considered.

Please find a list of guidelines as per the submissions process below. We look forward to reading your work.

— Eley Williams and Hestia Peppe


Fiction Co-Editors

    • Before sending a piece, please do read previous work that has appeared on 3:AM’s Fiction pages. Many recent and archived pieces are available here.
    • Individual submissions should be no longer than 2500 words. Although the editors have a strong interest in short pieces of fiction, standalone extracts from longer works will also be considered.
    • Pieces should be previously unpublished in English. This includes publication on personal blogs or forums. New translations are welcome and encouraged. In each case, however, the written permission of the original writer/publisher must also be provided.
    • No more than one piece of work per call for submissions, multiple submissions will not be read.
    • Entry is free. 
    • All submissions must be made electronically.
    • Please email your writing as an attached .pdf, .doc or .docx file, with your name + title in the file’s name. For example, FIRSTNAME_SURNAME-SUBMISSION_TITLE.docx.
    • Along with your work, please include a short third person biography in the body of your email (not in any accompanying attachment). Include any links to work elsewhere that you would like published alongside your piece if it is accepted.
    • Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please do inform the editor at the below address immediately should your piece be accepted for publication elsewhere.
    •  We seek diverse writing by a diversity of authors. Writers of colour, women, non-binary, trans* and queer writers are currently under-represented at 3:AM and are enthusiastically encouraged to submit.
    • If your work is accepted by the journal, the editors will get in touch via the email address supplied during submission. . 
    • We are sorry but due the high volume of submissions we cannot supply individual responses or editorial feedback for work that is not accepted.
    • If a response has not been received by the end of June 2017, it is unlikely that 3:AM will be using your piece at this time.
    • 3:AM is run entirely by volunteers, we do not pay writers (or ourselves).


 To submit, please email your work to Eley and Hestia at:

 3amsubmissions (at) gmail (dot) com




06/03/17: English PEN Modern Literature Festival

The 2nd English PEN Modern Literature Festival: 30 writers, poets, novelists, playwrights and artists come together to continue English PEN’s relationship with innovative contemporary literature over one extraordinary day. The writers will present brand new poetry, text, reportage & performance, each celebrating and evidencing the struggle of a fellow writer from around the world, currently supported by the English PEN writers-at-risk programme.