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02/09/17: Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night

Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night, the book I’ve co-edited and co-written, is published by Zero Books on 27th October.

It is composed of three elements, all mixed up:
— A (slightly) more theoretical approach than you’ll usually find in this kind of book (there’s an interview with philosopher Simon Critchley, for instance, or a piece on proto Dadaist Arthur Cravan).
— A series of personal recollections from musicians and fanzine writers highlighting the way punk was actually experienced at the time (Judy Nylon, Andy Blade of Eater, Paul Gorman, Tony D of Ripped & Torn/Kill Your Pet Puppy, Tom Vague…).
— Historical documents (Jonh Ingham’s first piece on the Patti Smith Band, for instance, or Penny Rimbaud’s “Banned from the Roxy” rant-manifesto, republished in book form for the very first time).

Here is a full list of contributors: Andy Blade, Neal Brown, Richard Cabut, Simon Critchley, Tony Drayton (Tony D), Mark Fisher, Andrew Gallix, Paul Gorman, Barney Hoskins, Jonh Ingham, Judy Nylon, Dorothy Max Prior, Ted Polhemus, Simon Reynolds, Penny Rimbaud, Nicholas Rombes, Jon Savage, Bob Short, Tom Vague, David Wilkinson, David and Stuart Wise.

21/08/17: Staff changes + Calls for submissions

hammerhead shark

Tristan Foster

Tristan Foster will join 3:AM founder Andrew Gallix and David Winters as a Co-editor in chief. He will continue to accept your reviews and nonfiction submissions.


Isabella Streffen

Welcome to Isabella Streffen who joins the team as a Contributing editor. She is now accepting reviews and nonfiction submissions with a focus on art, tactical media, institutional critique, objects and agents, writing art and visual culture. Submit here + follow her on twitter: @minxmarple


Steven J. Fowler

Poetry editor Steven J. Fowler has re-opened poetry submissions but only for the Duos and Poem Brut series. No other submissions will be read.

Duos: collaborative poems written / made by two poets. There is no criteria for the poems or process. Please send a single bio and single photo for both authors.

Poem Brut: poems exploring handwriting, abstraction, illustration, asemic and pansemic writing, visual poetry and material process, colour, scribbling, scrawlings, crossings out, ink, forgotten notes, found text, interaction between paper and pen, and pencil, geometric poems, inarticulate poems, minimalism, collage, toilet wall writing. No works produced on a computer.


See the Contacts page for full editor contact information.

19/08/17: In Conversation: Iosi Havilio & Adelle Stripe

Waterstones Deansgate, Manchester & And Other Stories are delighted to welcome Iosi Havillo to celebrate the publication of his new book, Petite Fleur.

On Monday 21st August, Iosi will be chatting with Adelle Stripe, author of Black Teeth and A Brilliant Smile, before answering questions from the audience and signing copies of his books.

Iosi Havilio became a cult author in Argentina after his debut novel Open Door was highly praised by the outspoken and influential writer Rodolfo Fogwill and by influential Argentine critic, Beatriz Sarlo. Petite Fleur is his fifth novel.

Adelle Stripe is the recipient of the K Blundell Trust Award for Fiction and the author of three chapbook collections of poetry, the most recent, Dark Corners of the Land, was 3:AM’s Poetry Book of the Year. Her writing has featured in publications including The Guardian, Stool Pigeon, Caught by the River and Chiron Review. Her poem, ‘The Humber Star’, was performed at John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux at Hull 2017 and was described by the FT as a work of ‘fantastic depth and poignancy.’


15/08/17: Paul Tickell presents Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry

Tickets Available
13 October 2017 at 7 p.m.

London Review Bookshop

Join the London Review Bookshop for a screening of Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry, presented by director Paul Tickell.

Adapted from the angry novel by experimental novelist BS Johnson, this is an ambitious attempt to capture on film a particularly English strain of frustration, resentment and despair. A strong cast and score (from The Auteurs’ Luke Haines, pictured above with Tickell at our 2002 inaugural event) underpin a powerful, politically committed tale of credit and debit, as trainee accountant Christie sets out to balance the books with society, moving from minor transgressions to major urban unrest.

The evening will be hosted by Gareth Evans, film curator at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Running time 94 mins

14/08/17: David Hayden & Joanna Walsh

7 September 2017 at 7 p.m.
London Review Bookshop

David Hayden and 3:AM’s Joanna Walsh will be at the London Review Bookshop to talk about their new short story collections. Walsh’s Worlds from the Word’s End is published by And Other Stories, Hayden’s Darker With the Lights On by Little Island Press. Dubravka Ugrešić has described Walsh’s collection as ‘unconventional writing that is going to enchant unconventional readers’; something equally applicable to Hayden’s book, and the prospect of this whole lively evening. The event will be chaired by Chris Power — tickets are available from the LRB website.

04/08/17: Revenge of the Spoken: A Celebration of Gordon Lish

To celebrate the publication of Gordon Lish’s White Plains (Little Island Press, 2017), Hotel, Little Island Press, and Locomotrix are pleased to co-host an evening of readings of and around Lish’s work.

Chaired by 3:AM‘s David Winters, the program will include readings from Claire-Louise Bennett, David Hayden, Will Eaves and a pre-recorded lecturette from Lish himself, aired exclusively on this occasion.

Copies of White Plains will be available on the night at a discounted price and copies of Hotel #2 & #3 will also be for sale. Hotel #3 includes a sequence of works from White Plains and a hitherto unreleased story by Lish, ‘Bamford or Bust!’

24 August, 7pm
Housmans Radical Booksellers, 5 Caledonian Road, London


01/08/17: The Digital Critic

A new book about online literary culture, co-edited by 3:AM’s David Winters.

What do we think of when we think of literary critics? Enlightenment snobs in powdered wigs? Professional experts? Cloistered academics? Through the end of the 20th century, book review columns and literary magazines held onto an evolving but stable critical paradigm, premised on expertise, objectivity, and carefully measured response. And then the Internet happened.

From the editors of Review 31 and 3:AM MagazineThe Digital Critic brings together a diverse group of perspectives—early-adopters, Internet skeptics, bloggers, novelists, editors, and others—to address the future of literature and scholarship in a world of Facebook likes, Twitter wars, and Amazon book reviews. It takes stock of the so-called Literary Internet up to the present moment, and considers the future of criticism: its promise, its threats of decline, and its mutation, perhaps, into something else entirely.

With contributions from Robert Barry, Russell Bennetts, Michael Bhaskar, Louis Bury, Lauren Elkin, Scott Esposito, Marc Farrant, Orit Gat, Thea Hawlin, Ellen Jones, Anna Kiernan, Luke Neima, Will Self, Jonathon Sturgeon, Sara Veale, Laura Waddell, and Joanna Walsh.

Forthcoming from O/R Books: pre-order here.

29/07/17: Enemies of the People

Adam Biles, Eloise Millar and Sam Jordison at Shakespeare and Company on Thursday. Sam read from his hilarious, angry new book, Enemies of the People.

01/07/17: Ethics At 3:AM

From the blurb:

What do ethicists and moral philosophers really think about? What are the most pressing concerns in the discipline today? This collection of interviews with a range of interesting and original thinkers in the field provides a snapshot of contemporary ethics in all its complexity and nuance. It contains 25 probing interviews conducted by Richard Marshall of the cultural magazine 3:AM, each consisting of a carefully condensed version of the interview, preceded by a brief biography of the interview subject. Marshall’s questions are deeply knowledgeable while always accessible to the layperson, and the interviewees respond in kind with rich and opinionated responses. The result is a deeply engaging entree into the state of ethics today.

Copies available here.

06/06/17: Dylan’s Nobel Prize For Literature Speech