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‘dear world’ renga

Where When Renga

we have decided to make Scotland secure
hold hands with biding, that clan
the maps are being redrawn
contour-like into a frown
latitude and longitude deciding one’s fate
in between an eq-uil-lib-eri-rium in-a-rium -in-a- – –
placed, reserved, a stumped and fallow mapping
and where? and when?
chicago, first born
whores, when april, in Tbilisi, like a boy

Present Renga

waiting for people in the presence of the singing lift
waiting for buses in the presence of pouring rain
and storing the scoring of the gifted in kind
good gifts and bad lovers are tightly wrapped
heat shrunk around the fork lift present
as in a drop it was a drop of the drop of the the the the drop the the in drop the
what others edited became the instant, a pit between breakfast and supper
… … … … … … … … … … …
shaking table with the counterpoint of writing
still, as a teenager, during world war II

Pie + Mash Renga

what can be done / for love beyond / the food of evil
4 and 20 have no answers to your question
let love glean itself from the swim of liquor
double double splint by a spoon
pooling mastic gristle and newspaper
insatiable slush spits salacious sorrows
out of a mouth in a hole like a grey beneath a notion of pasting
infinite digestion, what groaned into morning
o albion! your ambrosia revisits me again, and again
blake takes an extra spoon of liquor
to give pie, that I may sit down

River Renga

and thank you for the pile of driftwood
that came from upstream, another world
unwrought word unheard of; it should
fleet running, beneath our feet
a lithe silvered street by wheat
the river withers; meandering its mollases
i sit by it i sit and watch it ebb and at an ebb it becomes an I
horizon, in itself, and ever beyond reach –
where it longed for it ran, undaunted
so the idiot’s grin, southbank’s calm return
eating the half moon, day by day

These poems were written collectively by SJ Fowler, Angus Chisholm, Taniel Yusef, Tim Wells, Iman Sid, Becky Cremin, Dennison Smith, Mitch Albert, James Wilkes, Elizabeth Guthrie and Chris Kerr.

These poems are the result of a collaborative workshop called ‘Theft Renga’ facilitated by SJ Fowler at the launch of the ‘Dear world & everything in it‘ anthology launch, at the Saison Poetry Library, at the Southbank centre, in London, January 24th 2013. Around a dozen poets were asked to rapidly write sequential lines in response to one another, upon a piece of paper passed clockwise around the group, with reference to themes decided by the group and, if needed or desired, with the aid of plagiarised lines lifted from books in the Poetry Library’s collection.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, January 27th, 2013.