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Get Pspyched!

It’s now 10 years since Beggars Banquet’s Pspyched! (spiked) compilation (basically a stab at a Nuggets for the Nineties), a good enough excuse to space out your bank holiday weekend and post some tracks from it really.

It was often said that Thee Hypnotics were, like their Motor City primary influence, a live band and ‘Justice in Freedom’ captures the essence of both. Hit by numerous set-backs in their short career, singer Jim Jones now plays as the Jim Jones Revue and a DVD of their rock and roll excess era is apparently in production.

Mercury Rev get two nods on the album, both on ‘Young Man’s Stride’ and its last track by departed vocalist David Baker, on there in his Shady guise.

The band’s last ever single, Loop‘s ‘Arc-lite’. The video was filmed at Beckton Gas Works, famously used by Stanley Kubrick as the film set for the Vietnam-based parts of Full Metal Jacket (and later for the film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s The Cement Garden).

Tones on Tail could teach The Horrors a thing or two and probably have if their latest album is anything to go by.

First posted: Saturday, May 23rd, 2009.

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