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Like Milk

By Richard Barrett.

Like Milk

a message saying ‘the bill does not achieve anything, I said
with this plan you get I hope, you at least partially, you agree

with how bad it is believed that the bill in a way should to read minds
so that’s you then me, because now boredom is appropriate

to what is just I say, in fact
tell me you do not think there is too much when I’m better than the story about the Bill. &the expression of
with your marital relationship at the end of the story, it confuses me
yet I wasn’t to know too much about religion, I thought
they both had guilt though, so I said adultery and I was impressed’.

what kind of thing to do though I thought /& it would be terrible to lead to it
like that through negative family & friends. I said, fleetingest, the attraction
was in fact, Then, told me it was this, of course –
the point of speech, freedom
of the innocent and of the naive, or just channels – Maybe. you play with me?


Not interpretable by extra-marital sex
Or my thinking, persons
Are are, are, are gone now

which happens sometime, so

‘no, display
Our attractive imagined boredom,

at our meal here, even

knowing at least how we ostracised that boredom

Maybe good words could, I think, counteract the temptation of
fleetingest (of temptation) which some say expression doesn’t do thanks,

not for you

suggesting, obviously

I think whatever this innocence of will might I might think I know but in everything I start, they see intent , I think, saying, the looks just developed that way
& telling


the family just knew Tho it was a necessary game (and

few wouldn’t


As, You do not I did not expect to What you do / I think it should, but they do not though, something – I really can’t believe – I never once thought about the letter – I think, you could eat my head if you wanted to – However, Frankly, Things can still happen. frankly, I know, I think, because I studied the problem alone, just to try to think where you can download it in reality

and not only that I did not mention in my brain what can happen


Different sizes of last week and our desire, you suspect
and whether you like friends and I know that. I’m happy I think
with the cooperation – I think. was the game that I found from you
so put doubt in with the partner: to see me happy but. and surprised
on two things. And (a) free coffee – there is something about such behavior
and last weeks plan It seems to say therefore (b) so From the above –
give it to me and give me the series! or anyway I mean close to friendship
to love to pieces is it? ‘I do not seriously think I’ll consider any romantic thoughts about you’, with, want it or ‘us’ though. You have been different
And frankly, What you know this “God” failure makes me learn about coffee –
and the history of food, I say, it’s amazing to me but then I would say that
and I just hope it’s great (the “coffee”, that!) more, maybe too, maybe they made a start to get close to the truth of things in the middle tho’ – sort of
to say they are all waiting for you. I want to say that I’m in serious and so
I’ll say one way or another in my office every morning and then head down
tho’ only once last week the name came (and it was Christina we found out) and we started talking early. we said – about the possibility of romance and This Introduction came early one morning (I think it was a café that Tuesday)
which was, or was it not really very busy, hey? mmmmm?

so I just use the 241 offers now for the dining room
at high noon &, the first reason keeping me going
like how you say you are a cup we share. Tuesdays
& I would like us to discover a large cup of coffee is
as humorous as Christina thinks maybe and maybe
is as personally surprising I think, as I think this was
to Christina. with ideas to reduce my opinion further.
But not you! who told me ‘write that report’ I started
to Even as a day is his personality & like that coffee
that you say And “and why would it be better not to?
But It seems to show that you can try to spot the ridiculous but, The more
the more you talk gives me ideas about what might be appropriate or not to a message of sorts, and maybe I think I really can think about writing the report
not as it was
but: as some idea
a great idea. speaking. and
and for itself is and is not known
at the start of the day
that is really not known
whether real or
into me as into you, was I
and I came in March –

I got no answer at first


And anyone can now see their research
and you can too. their research (at least
is recommended and it is very sensitive
I tell you
though not for all people,

asking Their stupid questions.

They’re impressive I think and
Tolerant of religious symbols
(which I want to share, maybe Surprisingly hey?
though my British passport does not want the attention today,
neither The knowledge of how bad dinner was

You cannot do anything with that strange concoction my friend.
I tell you
It was academic. and research of a nature very highly regarded
I tell you

– but hey! my thoughts were wrong!

and her interest in this damn office amazes me still.

and is off to me.


and to use myself. and The smiles and words in his mouth
Smile of confusion I ask, of all things – very Interestingly
and surprised. but if not surprised Again,, then for our friends

– and as can be seen, (the director also was
into the idea that he was able to see the new house
but without moving, (and other types of inertia you do not use often)
-you remember, I think – He shouted an answer at us about being busy
from that place which will always remain unclear.
Charging in advance: very, very angry.
and surprised,

he said remember such transports and give and listen as well,
as I can not talk now, but he can. and anytime, I hope –
and on Saturday. talk is the only problem as he says anything
at any time.

Even now though after two days, I think I still have a question.
(what my life and) falsehood, the same question can be said, I said. and
and the next issue will be to determine the next issue, Maybe
someone that cares given the importance of the issue, I guess,
I’m really something,
which I can not deny at all!

though Now I think –
I mean maybe just much caffeine this morning friend,
it seemed to be just a matter of good reason and listening and listening
to feel more than I do),
to speak loudly in front that I am not a man but
I am a High Commissioner

you know so Therefore I feel better.

So I let the recognition that many believe that all difficulties come mixed
be the height of work – to say how difficult it is to argue about shy children
to say how difficult it is At the end of the day now
to argue about military action. & tho’, Maybe not close enough to others to say
I tried last night
and It is still difficult in respect of the strange,
but that is good –

if the child is a member of the Bureau on the day of anguish that is good.
yes, Children will be fascinated.

if you want, when you want a poem for children in some sectors and outputs
“I feel this is not clear to me”, but this could be a very startling document.


and the, then, best of England.

the close third question then was
heard – But, in truth

the third heard there was
a stink horse

that wouldn’t come today

And, and, and Anyway
the seating-plan
was just bloody bad in there
in that v. important place of our bosses

so you haven’t anything new I think now,
in desk stuff or else in

‘stuff in the desk’


without reason, it was a great day, two days before
But now I think I have a pain in the ass /To which they say, “enjoy it
the peace Once you have the rest of the week, and the losses
or alternative used, except though
personally, I do not

when losses it seems, were more or less limited – as later learned
as told
as I was told (as told then) something personal they wanted
very, very personal

I think if I was meeting you then, set the time friend and assemble
our friend said
and um, yes, I agree

So I asked our friend what you thought in the past about capital
and flexible hours, whilst working
coz, at the end of flexibility
those leaders
plus their representatives

they care lots about statistics

(much truth is in that statement)

and in their using their Wi-Fi there, then
when they came back (just the briefest return)

to read, I think,
enjoying the peace
thinks if I were to chat
about statistics in the past
just yesterday even, and now
and the issues
the most important aspect of which being
this particular issue
not other related issues
you might feel good eh, mmm?

Tho’ At the same time –

considering the daily two hours of boredom this week
it is to be hoped for, we are hoping, that
Once you have found the rest of the week
This will be the week this week and next week, well
You never know but – without a thorough inventory
I think the full significance of what he says will remain unclear

///Inventory or no


Are you high? – the good looking
not so good looking partner in front said.

all fair and all that Is right, And beautiful, I think
Contained / which,
when you say it –
is more a marriage on its own I think. and so, not welcomed.

leaving that aside–

the question that Diane called me on,

it is beautiful and I say you’re beautiful too – !
looking like a very winning combination.

However … issues –!
issues are not good. Issues are not welcome here – !
though –
issues are still something that I can ask you to think about
(though, not all of us)

The issues are, I think

my eyes are too big,
too: No matter when I go
As, somewhere,
it looks as if frozen
and desperately trying to hang onto body temperature.
as if aware of the height (and length, etc.).
– as if you are too worried about accidentally rubbed limbs.

My feeling is that you, I think,
you’re still very uncomfortable

yes, I am little better than before unfortunately.
But now actually am very comfortable in my body, thank you – which,
like a sentence,
with such symmetry pleasant to the eyes
is not dull

I look at something, and item / s naturally disappear

And I know that is not appropriate, but, to be honest.
It has to do with people who look to be one of those smarter than you look,
or “Barbie”
though, If you have a bad foot

complain About it


Especially for you, too / that
Especially for that idea about, I think
I believe, with the consent of the head scarf

which is my choice – to be honest

and thinking about what it’s to do with most
is my own beauty. which seems to be one thing
which seems to belong to floor-plans like these
and having to do with a look that seems to belong to another of those, like you
But smarter than you look – which is my own beauty (I know)
But having no more idea what people may think than, in other words: honestly, much more than the men – in the traditional way – as a partner
which was good. and, we’ll probably get it all soon online and whatnot, I think
Anyway, maybe people charged with this beautiful picture
looking for a picture – what… to put it out on display?
I think he loved the music most and most of those songs and those with the fastest performance. I think he loved me & the intent of the clothes was to
distract attention away from the body.
so, his view is clear
and it is not charming.


In addition, you there with your bad foot

if you want, I can switch
from left-handed
can re-learn writing, if you want
which may take some time, but –
what is left-handed to me, hmm? And writing
that way
and hair and sun and breathing, eh?

Do you want me to?

your feet pointing to 01:50
reclined, on the settee

I’m circling now, for time – (I love your walk.
And, for use-value, too, mine

in a non-fetishistic way)

But this much, I think
like a tunic- I think
more pants – !

to distract attention away from
the clothes is, um, good.
Or something

so, ‘bye
I hope you’re back soon


I think it’d be good

if you shot the mom there, on the couch

(I think) because the mother – And why today I’m here, I mean
Us both here – I have to see to some administrative things. In order to
get a day free.
it’s that simple.

I’m not sitting here doing nothing, as you say, often) I’m working overtime.
like, The next morning, to and from the site, but – as the hours until Thursday
go slow, when
I will see you again / I will be very busy.

Her husband is away (and that is why is not present at work,

and by public transport.
which you want when you say it but, I organized the hit easily, with no trouble
from my office
while you worked on your poems &
did so, & for the whole of last week
and then read the ones he did, Also,
the small ads in poetry review

yes, I knew The mother would find the magazine useful

so I reminded you to bring it with you last week, as a fan
who wrote that article on feminism. That was quite popular there
for a while

so I ran to him early last week,
and I worked on my own poems then, too
and then I read the script

that meant something – I learned

in the workplace, hmm? I admit it – I am maybe doing something wrong

though to make me happy
I will leave my husband, & intend to have something to do with, as well
my parent (mother)

so Let me pull you now.

and quickly.

* *


Richard Barrett lives and works in Salford. His most recent publications are A Big Apple (Knives Forks and Spoons Press) and # (zimZalla Avant Objects). With Simon Howard he co-edits the innovative poetry magazine and press Department. With Stephen Emmerson he co-organises the poetry workshop WFN.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, August 26th, 2011.