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Lipstick Lady

By Iain Britton.

lipstick lady


   wave ninja weaponry

     count to ten

and a backyard revival

  stirs up


   the explosive fields

    of childhood


   state house conglomerations


     and the meek

cup their ears to walls / to the voices
in walls to parents and grandparents
imprisoned / plastered up

     they listen to bones the heartbeats

     of bones the hearts still standing

   the talk is incessant

sometimes in whispers
sometimes in code

   a blabber

    of genders

the past’s about the converted

  at tables
   at candle-sticks

    the old and the young / it’s about

a pacifist’s rebellion



    play at pirates /
     robotic cops

they live for the laser lights

   death by chocolate
    glucose in the blood

they break silences

and an emptiness slowly sticks /

   a sugar-plum apparition performs

    on a cracked path


    i take notice

buy tickets

for the collision of comedies

the thespian

   who huffs methane

  and cow dung

prefers the kiss of a starlet

to the all night


hooker on palliatives


  i take notice

   pay money

  to the lipstick lady

  her war paint

   setting suns

     on my face / smudging

what’s rightly mine / the scorched-earth philosophy

of a journey


all around

   the fields are feeling

the tug

of being pulled up new sap in the veins

the menu

   is highly recommended

  and the hungry

  assemble on the horizon

   tongues licking

  jaws working

    on flavoured packages

   the lady’s doing her sums

    balancing her books

   lifting her skirt

     is purely for show

Oystercatcher Press published Iain Britton‘s 3rd poetry collection in 2009. Kilmog Press his 4th in 2010. The Red Ceilings Press published an ebook Ten Poems last year and an Argotist Ebook songlines has come online this year. A full collection with Lapwing Publications druidic approaches came out in June. Also a pamphlet from Like This Press has just been published. Forthcoming collection in 2013 with Department Press.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, November 22nd, 2012.