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Serota Needs a Good Spanking!


Here is the Stuckists’ anti-Turner Prize press release:

The Stuckist art group are demonstrating at Tate Britain today, Monday 4 October, giving out leaflets and badges with the slogan “Turner Prize Hell”, as well as an image of a long-legged model in a leather miniskirt, holding a placard with the words, “Serota needs a good spanking”.

Charles Thomson, co-founder of the Stuckists, said: “Turner Prize Hell continues with an excruciatingly painful presentation of mind-numbingly tedious, pretentious and vacuous exhibits. It’s like watching a TV comedy show parody of contemporary art with a slogan ‘Gimmicks R Us’. It’s difficult to know how anyone can take this classic Serota nonsense seriously. The obvious response is that of a lady last year, who asked for her money back, as she’d paid to see art and there wasn’t any. The demonstration outside is far more entertaining, artistic and informative.”

The Stuckist show, An Antidote to the Ghastly Turner Prize, opens at View Two Gallery, 32 Mathew Street, Liverpool, on Thursday 7 October. It features 29 artists. Those visitors who like conceptual art will be able to purchase small squares of Blu-tack for 10p.

The Stuckists art group was founded in 1999 with thirteen artists to promote contemporary figurative painting and oppose conceptual art. It now has over 200 branches in 48 countries. Stuckist artists have protested against the Turner Prize annually since 2000, sometimes dressed as clowns.

The model for “Serota needs a good spanking” is Emily Mann, who has exhibited with the Stuckists and taken part in Stuckist Turner Prize demonstrations.

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First posted: Monday, October 4th, 2010.

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