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Three poems

By Stephen Emmerson.

from Beyon

in index book disgusting, happens
thing to acrylic dogs for parting
humming off windows & on an echo
juice to find sunk riddance

we should do exactly what or at least
then better the odds, align with it
the pret dyspraxic, or itd’ve mute them
left wet pages under

edited, as in an I’ve, or as the &

goes on it follows


is that when been, tell
cold running ter & waking,
up in window dirty hand for
morning, fact anyone do will,

personal jinx, repeat after,
40W dulled, rated F coz blank,
or that that she wants, I want
that distance, or before tearing

in final state a prolonged expulsion

or we reckon it does


that held it, and the shape
curving, blank but do not too
closely; now examine the dilute
eyelids. A single year overlaps,

multi-channelled obvious, nay,
cold-hotel-rickets unopened. The
provenance of an object, was is
for rued sustain. Half knackered

crying out plenitude, though

enact evident blackout


Stephen Emmerson‘s publication’s include, ‘X’ The Arthur Shilling Press, ‘Poems found at the scene of a murder’ Zimzalla, and ‘Telegraphic Transcriptions’ DeptPress. Forthcoming titles include, ‘Letters to Berryman’, and with Chris Stephenson, ‘No Ideas but in Things’.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, July 14th, 2011.