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Four Poems

By Steven Waling.


Shall we share

Nobody’s interested in listening to me
I come from a hell of a mess flags of
St George / specialists in halal meat /
Live sports shown here anger builds up

Shall we share a few moments people
in their rooms just passing in corridors
how’s it going fine of silence
I come from faith no faith ethnic

where I’m coming from it’s so hard
to stand for that identity / this identity /
that identity and I’m invisible lines
you don’t cross you should know who
you are but I don’t passing in corridors
they don’t want to hear certain words

a few moments

Nobody’s interested in me how do I
talk to them whose voice is not heard
dog collar and headscarf walk together
down the same street Eyebrows raised

why do you keep driving planes into our
buildings shall we share I’m nosy
So easy to forget what it is not to be
listened to a few moments how do I talk

to them in a moment of lucidity let’s
share food together we are listening
really not being taken seriously but
we pass in corridors I come from here
there everywhere could we have conversation
of silence interested in listening to me

of silence

Not the same as agreeing we had to rock
the boat shall we live with the other
I’m interested in listening share to you
poetry actually happening moments my son

walking down the road Paki can even be
a positive word conversation of silence
come into the corridors let’s talk of
small steps big they present a natural

narrative will you share me your story
I come from a whole range of people
finding a place moments easy to forget
when you’re told not to talk of yourself
but there’s still a future let’s forget
urgency time interested in listening to


the firedoor is at the end of the corridor
but I always end up with domestic stuff
even if I start with the Bermuda Triangle

what do we get from these various communities
I like Barry Manilow and if the fire alarm goes
off we’ll meet outside the Chinese Buffet

and I’ll tick your name off the register
how do they shape us and help us
it’s like a hand with eight fingers

what is the Bermuda Triangle
have you all signed the register
where people disappear have you

all signed the register can you switch
off your mobiles we’re all just children
with bank accounts or turn them to silence

what do we contribute write about something
other than the preponderance of domestic scenes
are we working for change within then this

broadband is just right said Goldilocks
the washing-up and irony toilets opposite
the lifts what about communities we’re

not involved in have we all signed the
register then we’ll begin light through the kitchen
window writing CV’s from the big old moon


Steven Waling has published Travelator (Salt), Captured Yes (Knives, Forks & Spoons) and has poetry at Blackbox Manifold, and in many other magazines and e-zines. He is a member of Writer’s Forum North.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, December 16th, 2011.