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The Missing Links

american-pin-ups-001-550Ben Myers is waiting for the Great British Gypsy Novel. (See also Ben’s Label of love series and an interview with him here) * Félix Fénéon‘s Novels in Three Lines illustrated (via dogmatika). * An interview with Geoff Dyer. * Italo Calvino inspires a video game. * Belgium celebrates Tintin‘s 80th anniversary. * Stewart Home on The London Perambulator. Also of interest, Home on “ignoramus” Andrew Brighton: “This former Senior Curator at Tate Modern is a complete tosser with a long history of blocking from entry into the institution of art anything that disturbs his bourgeois views. Like most liberals, Brighton claims to be defending enlightened and democratic values, which in practice leads to the suppression of free and open debate. To give just one example, he personally blocked an essay about me by Richard Marshall from appearing in Critical Quarterly on the grounds that I stand for the destruction of everything he holds dear. If you want to read the essay, it was subsequently posted on the 3:AM Magazine website.” Get well soon Richard! * 3:AM editor Darran Anderson has an exciting new blog. * Wilson Neate interviews Jon Savage about Wire. (And there’s an extract from Neate’s book about Pink Flag here.) * Rob Woodard on the 50th anniversary of Naked Lunch. * Action Man. * There’s a really great interview here with Eddie Duggan, about life in the early punk days. * Andrew Logan‘s Alternative Miss World (read 3:AM‘s Sophie Parkin on Logan). * Martin Amis on Ballard: “The friendship between the two [Amis père and JG] did not survive Ballard’s increasing interest in experimentalism, which my father always characterised as “buggering about with the reader”. But I was always delighted to see Jim later on. Funnily enough, he was an unusually lovable man, despite the extraordinary weirdness of his imagination. …In 1964 his wife Mary died suddenly, on a family holiday, so Ballard raised their three children himself. To begin with he could only manage to do this by drinking a scotch every hour, starting at nine in the morning. It took him quite a while to push this back to six o’clock in the evening. I asked him was that difficult, and he said: ‘Difficult? It was like the Battle of Stalingrad’.” * Punk snapshots from Belle Journée en Perspective. * An interview with Jim Jarmusch, “the post-punk hipster generation’s answer to Woody Allen”. * Matthew Coleman‘s beautiful photographs. * Virginie Despentes is interviewed over at dogmatika. * Lee Rourke reviews Joe Stretch‘s Wildlife in the Indie: “The novels of Joe Stretch, like Ballard’s before him, transmit back to us our continuing inability to grasp hold of modernity”. * What pop music tells us about Ballard (more on the same subject). * Literary Paris. * The death of JG Ballard considered as an atrocity exhibition. (Tributes to Ballard including Chris Petit in Granta. More here.) * Twitter lit. * David Peace and love?

First posted: Thursday, May 14th, 2009.

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