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The Missing Links


“One of the great productions of literary scholarship of our time,” the Beckett letters (via @seanjcostello). * Who is César Aira? * An encounter with the keepers of the Flannery O’Connor legacy. * Inside William Faulkner‘s drinks cabinet. * F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s guide to the good life. * The receipe for Anthony Burgess‘ infamous cocktail Hangman’s Blood. * From Baggot Street Bridge, a Patrick Kavanagh app. * When T.S. Eliot met Ezra Pound. * “I have been boiled in a hell-broth.” T.S. Eliot writes to Virginia Woolf. * “This kind of long gestation period is pretty typical for America’s corps of young, elite celebrity novelists. Jonathan Franzen took nine years…Donna Tartt vanished for a decade…Michael Chabon has gone seven years between major novels.” * DBC Pierre & Nicholson Baker‘s fictional excesses. * On “great American cynic” Ambrose Bierce (via Vol. 1 Brooklyn). * Los Angeles, London, New York: when fiction makes real-world cities “better than real” (via @maudnewton). * “I’m a big visualiser when writing.” Scott Walker. * Tom McCarthy on Gerhard Richter‘s photo-paintings. * “Pollution and mutation and the folly of grand projects…the beauty of corruption – something like that.” Tom McCarthy on his new novel, working title Satin Island. * Hope Mirrlees and the forgotten female Modernists. * The immaculate conception of Andy Warhol’s women. * What record stores looked like in the ’60s. * Punk, the Sex Pistols first TV documentary (1976). * Is heavy metal the only rebellious youth culture left? * David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Franzen & Kurt Vonnegut exchange views on writing & art (via @benjohncock). * David Winters‘ ‘syllabus’ on literary theory for The Millions. * Andrew Gallix‘s ‘Celesteville’s Burning’ in The White Review. * Stephen Crowe tells Her Royal Majesty why he’s illustrating Finnegans Wake.

First posted: Tuesday, September 27th, 2011.

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