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The Missing Links

The novel, the non-place and the airport. * Lars Iyer reads from Dogma. * Charles Dickens‘s library of fake books. * Joshua Cohen: “A writer stands outside a story yelling, “Open Sesame!” and the story, as if a seed, opens. And treasure is found inside. That treasure, of course, is just another story, and it all begins again”. * Hipsters and low-tech. * Aleksandar Hemon on Borges‘s “Funes the Memorious”. * The mattering of matter. * David Winters (who should be learned by heart rather than simply read) reviews Tor Ulven‘s Replacement: “Nothing is artificially emphasized; all is equally weighted, whether people or things, or even the most microscopic physical processes. The end result is less like reading a novel than listening in on the background noise of the universe”. * Every single David Lynch documentary available online. * A video compilation of post-punk ladies. * Will Wiles on the New Aesthetic. * James Bridle‘s New Aesthetic Tumblr. * Do we need Adorno? * Theodor Adorno: “It starts with the loss of the semi-colon; it ends with the ratification of imbecility by a reasonableness purged of all admixture”. * The Bad BrainsH.R.. * David Bellos on Georges Perec. * Teaching in the margins. * Deborah Levy talks to the Observer: “I am more interested in repression than depression”. * Deborah Levy shortlisted for BBC prize. * Deborah Levy‘s Swimming Home highlights indie publishing. * Jenni Diski on Levy in the London Review of Books: Deborah Levy has recently had a new novel out, good enough to make you want to read it again as soon as you’ve finished it. Numerous mainstream publishers decided not to take it on because, as she explained, ‘the fear among those who admired it was that Swimming Home was too literary to prosper in a tough economy — to be fair, there was quite a bit of agonising, but in the end Marketing and Sales won the argument.’ One mainstream publisher offered to publish it, but proposed edits designed to improve its market appeal. She decided against it”. * Deborah Levy‘s Freud: The Case Histories. * Deborah Levy on Lee Miller. * Lee Miller interviewed, 1946 (audio). * Lee Rourke in the Proust seat. * Pictures from the NPG‘s Man Ray exhibition. * Jarvis Cocker on Richard Brautigan. * The Brautigan Book Club. * Lee Konstantinou on the legacy of David Foster Wallace. * Will Self introduces and reads from Umbrella. * Trailer for Flytopia, based on a Will Self story. * Will Self on Las Vegas. * Aesthetic resistance. * Literary non-fiction. * “Le roman en tant que genre est sa propre question.” * Hermann Nitsch. * Kafka and the shameful lowlands of writing. * The Ramones live at CBGB, 1974 [via Nicholas Rombes]. * “The Ramones are rubbish”: Morrissey in 1976. * David Byrne on how music works. * A new translation of Clarice Lispector‘s debut. * Roots of the Anarchy shirt, part two. * The Sex Pistols‘ “Holidays in the Sun” finally gets a video. * Sam Jordison on Ben Myers‘s Pig Iron. * Renata Adler back in print. * The filming locations of Annie Hall. * Brian Dillon on Tino Sehgal. * A review of Charles Bernstein‘s Attack of the Difficult Poems. * On Peter Hook‘s Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division. * Que Faire? by Guillaume Apollinaire, 1900. * An interview with Sam Riley. * Greg Baxter‘s The Apartment reviewed. * Patricio Guzmán pays tribute to Chris Marker. * Moby Dick‘s internet voyage. * Jah Wobble and Keith Levene‘s Yin and Yang album reviewed. Read our interview with Wobble. * The opening page of Nabokov’s copy of Ulysses. * James Joyce: “In other words we must write dangerously”. * Petite histoire du ticket de métro parisien. * Miklós Szentkuthy translated. * Britishisms in American English. * John Ashbery‘s Norton Lectures (1989-90) including one on Raymond Roussel [via David Winters]. * Page Three: the art edition. * The art of naked protest. * [Pic: Ellsworth Kelly: Blue, from the series Line Form Color, 1951. Via.]

First posted: Sunday, September 30th, 2012.

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