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The Podunk Poems

By Mark Young.

1. William Carlos Williams (early)

Pardon my injuries
O crimson salamander
Upon the dead grass
New books of poetry will be written
Keller Degen Gom

2. Allen Ginsberg

Path crowded with thistle fern blue daisy
O dear sweet rosy
Dawn’s orb orange-raw shining over Palisades
Ugh! the planet screams
Neal Cassady was my animal: he brought me to my knees
Kali Ma tottering up steps to shelter tin roof

3. Frank O’Hara

Pan seized the reeds
O Fort Savannah! do you remember Ann Bailey?
Dear Bill I think it was very nice of you to have me
Up at Borton-Smergens, the little town by the sea, you went
Night (blue)

4. Octavio Paz

Parabola of movement
Objects & apparitions
Daily fire
Key of Water

5. William Carlos Williams (late)

Paper by Mailliol, no kiddin’
O let the seeds be planted
December bird in the bare tree
Under a low sky
Nine truckloads of jewels
Kitten! Kitten! grown woman

A line from Martin Luther King, Jr.

The prejudices of the
travel writer are often
complex. Technology
conceals most of them,

eliminates some poison;
but the dialectic is
many-faceted, located
across time & space, &

there is no remedy that
can prevent it from
naturally transitioning
into reactionary vitriol.

I cannot sit idly by in
Atlanta. Please give
me a sentence with
the word pillage in it.

A line from J. Edgar Hoover

Physical time is ir-
reversible. Is an
arrowhead that does
not use language, in-

stead faux finishes &
trompe l’oeil. Is the
charge sound heard
when plugging an i-

Pad into a computer.
Is glyph, mural, stone
sculpture. Is a stopover
on the Pacific Flyway.

Is the proper technique
for quick weight loss.
Is incidental to law &
order. Is like watching

time lapse photography.
Is unlikely to become
obsolete quickly. Is very
professionally made.

vitrified gelato

The conjectural analysis
of issue-based plays is

sometimes affected by
the magnetic flux of

tahini halva or the
freezing of eggs in

a culturally diverse
but otherwise homo-

genized mortgage trust.

Mark Young has been publishing poetry for nearly fifty-five years. His work has been widely anthologized, & his essays & poetry translated into a number of languages. He is the author of more than twenty books, primarily poetry but also including speculative fiction & art history. He is the editor of the ezine Otoliths. He lives on the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, December 7th, 2012.