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this is a poem about three things

By Sarah Maria Griffin.

as we left for what your da called the badlands
the gate to our complex broke
and you licked the battery in the remote
and swore to me it’d work
that’s how you bring them back to life
it did
but your tongue hurt then and tasted bad from the resurrection

four yellow letters
boom over the barren waste of this something like a suburb
this moth-eaten skyline
dwarfing the gold twinkle of the only taxi in the rank;
there was no room in the car after the grey billy shelves
the pots and pans of our new life

we were shattered
having walked miles through tunnels of
semi-disposable swedish furniture
and I think you nearly had a panic attack
and I think I made it worse
man up it’s only furniture

there was no driver in the cab so we got the bus
and as we pulled out past musgraves your tongue still hurt
you stuck it out said at least it didn’t taste like acid anymore
and I kissed you and it didn’t


Sarah Maria Griffin is presently taking a M.A in Writing at NUI Galway. She has been performing spoken word poetry for a year now at such venues as Exchange Words, The Glor Sessions, Brownbread Mixtape, Nighthawks, North Beach Nights, Galway Arts Centre and Over the Edge. She came first in the Over the Edge Fiction Slam and represented Connaught with her poetry in the All Ireland Grand-Slam in 2010. She is the co-founder of the diary-reading event, Scarleh Fer Yer Ma Fer Havin Ya and a volunteer with Milk & Cookie Stories, both in Dublin. She is presently working on completing her first collection and appeared on RTE Radio One’s Arena program and Playback this month.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, February 5th, 2011.