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Three Poems

By Thoe Htane.

hidden in the pieceful youths

the poetic relation of the liaisons
to the tradition of the dictions
isotopic feelings all day
words take several forms
everyday be written collaboratively
and eschewed on your lumps
vernacular kitchen tale filled with lights in long blows
if all we read were these pauses and hesitations
bizarre structures fetishized as beautifuls
one needs a dinner the other a beach
texts with pillowcases the next morning
speech necessarily is not to claim
the tension between the spokens
the unsolvable bacteria overstepping the language
their main culprit and the constitution
the central presence but a central presence
plowed through hundreds of thousands of
which was never itself
which was always already
which was sometimes transported
which was meanwhile outside
concurrently constructed and congruently comatized

the come about event, if this is what they are discussing

the disruption substituted itself and alluded
to the beginning the structurality of thought was a repetition
in all senses for anything that had reasons and functions
it became necessary to think somehow pre-existed
cornerstoned from then on recurring along
nothing but the exhibitionism of the wood against
the rules of alarming discourse as disformative
as absurdism provided
we can agree on this word behind
closed doors where everything becomes a signifier
but now is the time for all good men
to come to the aid of the belly buttons and tender tits
not as a way of resolving differences
but the everydayness of anticipation

they look exactly like poems

they are no slits for love or lust
they can be either inside or outside
as reality calls are always taken from a history of meaning
an uncertain trauma by the strangeful eyes of time
by the full-blown fascination
they enslave dreams and nightmares
they cake thousands of reasons on their way
they eat off every genre of poetry and unexplored possibility
they make love trying every radically different position they can imagine
from which the ideology could be arguable
but the whole problem with them is that they piss alphabets
and occasional discharge of vocabulary
from which they make tectonic cosmetics and fabricated discourses
in their prophetic ruins they spend
the day facebooking and googling
and the night shifting paradigms and paradoxes
waiting for their death to butter their bread


Thoe Htane [aNTIMa] is a poet and a freelance gfx-designer from Myanmar. He is widely known as an online poet in Myanmar as he prefers sharing his work online rather than been featured in printed magazines even though a few of his poems were featured in several local periodics in the past. He writes poetry in Myanmar and English languages. He published two poetry books in English electronically. [Available for download] He is also a member of an avant-garde poetry group called Pemskool that used to experiment explicitly and collaboratively and push the boundaries of Myanmar poetry time to time with several online and printed publications.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, September 27th, 2011.