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Three 21st Century Koans

By Jeeshan Gazi.

Phony as the fake Americana of his “vintage” Pepsi-Cola t-shirt. He chooses to clothe his feet in Adidas stripes, as if the stripes upon a sweatshop worker’s back otherwise resemble a swoosh. The sound made as he walks in his over-large skate-pants, whose well kept threads have grazed board or concrete neither. He stops to view the latest Ray Bans through his Ray Bans. And through that store window he sees a girl similarly shedding skin, regenerating with the swipe of a plastic card. She slips it into her purse and her purse into her D&G handbag. Swag. Tiger print zip-up hoodie over basketball jersey. Her black tights shimmering beneath the spot lights, cut before they reach her immaculate hi-tops. Yes, he sees her through the glass, sees his own reflection in the glass, sees himself with her as if there were no glass. The Queen for his King’s Road.

‘Sweet choice,’ he applauds as she steps out the store.

‘Chairs,’ she says, and smiles. Lips glossy beneath the glossy visage of himself upon each of her eyes. ‘Which are you thinking of?’

‘You don’t like the look of these?’ He teases, as she stares up at the twin visage of herself upon each of his eyes.

‘Sure I do.’

And they went to the movies together.

And they never took off their shades.



She gave birth to herself. Head peering out of her vagina. Fingers pulling at its labia as she urged herself out. Head, neck, shoulders, then arms. Breasts and all the rest as her former body folded inwards, then upwards, into her anus.

She is the God that proved Aquinas wrong.

She is the Ex that forgets and moves on.


‘Try it.’ He said. ‘It’s like doing drugs, but much cheaper.’
She closed her eyes and thought of Love.

Jeeshan Gazi is a 29 year old Londoner who is currently undertaking a PhD about Thomas Pynchon, Gilles Deleuze and the metaphysics of film. For the past five years he has been working on three different novels, and has written for various online magazines, such as PopMatters and Ribbed Magazine, about pop culture.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, February 18th, 2013.