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Three Poems

By Brandon Scott Gorrell.

butterfly apocalypse

you said i don’t have a phone

i told you to call me now

you said i would call you if i had a phone

i said i want to read the novel five times and then eat it

you said things will happen

i said just go underneath blankets and lay there

you said i wish i would find someone like you where i am but i don’t think i will be able to so you should just come to me

i said i wish i would find someone like you in my room right now

i said that you were like a pillow

you said that you wanted to be my pillow right now

i said you’re horribly pretty

you said you are so far away

i said like thousands of miles

you said i miss you

i said i still exist

i said you’re insane

i said i wish you were here

you said my mind was death

i called you a park sleeper

you called me a park murderer

i said park death


i said i’m smoking

i said do you find smoking attractive or unattractive, what should i do

you said i find everything you do attractive

i said you are nice

i said i’m sending you a song and we will feel closer

you said can this song play when we meet


giant destructive moth

you said i’m gonna call you and leave a message

you said don’t answer the phone when i call you

you said let’s work up to that

i said you could eat some of me if i was there

i said i desire the whole picture of everything

i said i want to be invisible

you said i want to see you visibly

i said if i could teleport to your room i would

you asked me if i would scratch your mosquito bite for you

i said if you wanted me to

i said i can’t believe i’m experiencing internet social anxiety

you said thank you for suffering for me

i said long hair is nice to have fists in

you said the internet fell asleep

i said nothing happened

i said i’m convinced that i can’t feel any type of happiness unless i already feel incredibly depressed

you said i want to see your face

i said i want to see your face

you said i hate you

you said so much

i said i want to move into the internet

you said lets do that

i said where do you go in

i asked if it had sun chips


if there were painkillers here i would eat them

you said you are infatuated with me

i said it’s something

you said you are infatuated with me

i said it’s something

you said i know

i said i am sitting in the corner satisfied and depressed about you

you said i know

you said i want to feel your knee

you said give me your knee

you said give it to me

i said our bond is strong, firm

you said i like it

i said you like it

i said cars turn people into assholes

i said i will skateboard over your body and say sorry and then say bye

i said you will lay there

you said you wounded me

you said that’s what i would say

i said i would touch you in a nice way and say hi

you asked me if i would lick your face

i said if it was appropriate

i said i need a real life or i need you to be around me

i said lately i have been feeling emotion for all humanity

i said i think people are connecting with my earth-kill-human-love idea

i said hello

you asked if it was good that i said hello

i said i keep looking at pictures of my cats and feeling emotion at them


Brandon Scott Gorrell has been published or is forthcoming in 3:AM, NANO Fiction, Dogmatika, Zygote in My Coffee, The Alchemy Review, and others.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, September 25th, 2007.