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Three Poems

By Endre Ruset.


the current of your face
one of the earliest evenings

the icy cold spring water that ran
through the pools before we laid down

and I was the age
of the temperature



when I breeze through the woods
i see children playing with pinecones

when I play with pinecones
I see shadows breezing through the woods

i am the pinecone playing
with the shadow of the child

the breeze carrying both



ships are constructed within bottles
and names are built into the body

I sink into the bathtub
mother washes my hair

the foam runs in straight lines
over lips, along skin, towards the drain

she holds out a towel
in which to enclose me

it resembles a sail


Endre Ruset is a Norwegian poet currenty residing in Oslo. He is the artistic director of the Norwegian Festival of Literature and was awarded the Bjornson Scholarship for his work Kims lek (2005). These poems were translated into English for the 3:AM Maintenant series for the first time by Marlene Veivåg. Special thanks to Jon Ivar Veivåg & Jakob Rørvik.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, June 6th, 2010.