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By Jo Langton.


Hanging darkened shroud
possibility jumps her then you
(s)he’s always there,
silent predator, bloodthirsty ( you / him / Her )

Don’t be so stupid : he loves you

Actions shout bolder than verbs,
but it doesn’t show, not yet
waiting for that romantic gesture

; waiting.
you know it’s there you think you know you think
it’s there you think he knows it’s there it’s over

persuade yourself, calming, soothe the

Lurking garments : mind races anger paces

& he laughs & he shrugs

“you ask for reassurance too much”

But then there’s another sock

& he’s never seen it before you’re not so sure you’ve heard it before

past ghosting in the background

Fragility on edge
questioning trust.

Now you have a penetrating itch
‘the burning bush’
permanent scratch, swat that
peeled eye on the
window stain

fl u ct u ant sin

(in)securities hide
glint / gleam
beam of the
pass by
fear subside

your insides

he turns on you :
torturous repentance of sin
sinister reflection from within

bleed while (s)creaming


“i’ll do anything”

a dependency
on destruction can’t
survive this way

fear of : let go : blasphemous : murderous : take hold

chroni(c)ollision as he(s)mothers

souls rancid cries

words bound
wounds fade
steal away

his Silence


two hours he skipped jail
somber & defeated
tactile emotion
his eyes flare explosion he’s broken :

it’s your fault


fury flows chosen

music blare clatter out

impending bail itching your home
shiver with fear and try to get out

reassured it would be okay,
police numbers promised protection
heart hums faster rhythmic, unaware.

BANG! enforcing

cut the wire scream

Panic ON

the door shakes on its hinges under his weight fuelled with rage and

his fist coming through my page

“I don’t think he’s right for you, I think you should let it go”
not allowed to say that, irritation : it’s my mistake to hone
I try to protest but she’s having none, dismissing
one movement, alcohol absorbing rant and rave.

meditate ventilate subdue

symptomatically count to


de-stress : undress : manipulate : perforate

cyberspace > find all > embrace

evoke craft illusion
corporeal chosen
solidity darken.

Jo Langton is a 23 year old poet who originates from Bristol, but currently lives and studies in Manchester. Jo has just embarked upon a full time Masters course in creative writing at the University of Salford, and had her first chapbook published in October 2011 with erbacce-press.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, December 29th, 2011.